Democrat State is Now Threatening to Arrest People for Worshipping God

As top Democrat politicians continue to persecute pastors and churches across the United States, one pastor is now facing jail time.

Democrat Leaders Come Against Christians

In the ever liberal state of California, Pastor Che Ahn of Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena might soon be preaching from a jail cell.

The oh-so classy city prosecutor told the pastor and congregation that he plans to press criminal charges against them for worshipping.   

Extreme leftist Governor Gavin Newsom made holding church services essentially illegal under his coronavirus restriction orders. Members of the church were shown not following social distancing guidelines nor wearing masks.

Prosecutor Threatens Jailing Entire Congregation

“All of these are violations of the law,” prosecutor Michael Dowd wrote in a letter.

Democrat Newsom also demands that indoor church services be banned, as well and singing and reciting prayers. Even having Bible studies in your own home is forbidding.

Modern-day California resembles communist China way more than the United States of America.

“Your compliance with these orders is not discretionary, it is mandatory,” Dowd wrote. “Each day in violation is a separate violation and carries with it a potential punishment of up to one year in jail and a fine for each violation.”

The city of Pasadena also said they will arrest the entire congregation if it comes down to it.

“Any violations in the future will subject your church, owners, administrators, operators, staff and parishioners to the above-mentioned criminal penalties as well as the potential closure of your church,” Dowd wrote. “Your future compliance is expected.”

The Church is Fighting Back

The founder of  Liberty Counsel, Mat Staver, has taken on representing Harvest Rock Church and plans to fight against the constitution stripping Democrat leaders.

“Criminal activity,” Staver said on The Todd Starnes Radio Show. “Let that sink in. You can face up to one year in prison and if you do it again and don’t stop, another year in prison. That is stunning that this is happening in the United States of America.”

While it’s totally wrong in the eyes of the left to go to church, thousands of violent protesters taking to the streets is completely permissible.

“The same prosecutor has turned a blind eye to the thousands of protests that have paraded the streets and caused damage in the city of Pasadena,” he said.

California or Communist China?

It is getting to the point where Christians need to take a stand or forever give up their freedoms.

“You might be able to padlock the doors, but you can’t padlock the Gospel,” Staver said.

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