3rd Election Fraud Suspect Identified

News broke yesterday via The Gateway Pundit that a 3rd election fraud suspect has been identified in Georgia. The individual identified on a Zoom Call prior to the “Water main break” closure of the count at State Farm Arena is Georgia Election Official Ralph Jones, Sr.

Jones Sr. was identified early on in a now viral video with Ruby Freeman and her daughter  pulling suitcases filled with ballots from under a table “AFTER supervisors told poll workers to leave room and 4 people stayed behind to keep counting votes.”

Mr. Jones was heard to say on the call,

“I think we’ll still be scanning late today a little later on um we are scheduled to scan up to 10 and 11:00 o’clock today I should say tonight at the present time”. The “water main break” reportedly caused counting to stop at 10:30PM.

Gateway Pundit reported:

” Ralph Jones told local Atlanta news channel 11Alive that a water main broke at the State Farm Arena.  Local WVLT8 reported: Nearly 40,000 absentee ballots will not be counted for the state of Georgia until at least Wednesday after a water main break, Fulton County officials said.”

Georgia Secretary of State officials released an affidavit insisting there never was an intent to stop the count at 10:00 PM.

But The Gateway Pundit was sent a link to a Zoom call from the evening of November 3rd and Ralph Jones, Sr. definitely told those listening that they were going to stop work at around 10 to 11 PM. More than 24 hours before the supposed “water main break” at 10:30PM Nov. 4th.

Here is the audio-video:

Evidence of Fraud Continues to Mount

As time goes by, more and more developments of irregularities and outright fraud continue to arise from the Peach State in addition to the “SuitCase-Gate” scandal.  A few highlights;

Based on the preponderance of evidence already available, Georgia’s results in the 2020 Election, like Pennsylvania’s and Arizona’s are hopeless compromised and must be thrown out.

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