Media ‘Reporters’ Caught on Hot Mic at White House Press Conference

It’s becoming a common thing for “reporters” to be caught on a hot mic saying crazy and bias things. One, in particular, was caught while at a White House press conference.

Hot Mic Catches Reporters

President Donald Trump was making remarks on the Dow Jones Industrial Average passing 30,000 for the first time. After the press conference ended, “reporters” started shouting questions at him in a very disrespectful way as the president left.

A CSPAN hot mic caught two reporters saying what they really thought after President Trump left the room. One was heard saying, “that was weird as s**t.” Another appeared to say it was “one of the stranger” briefings he had attended.

Fake News Media Gets Faker

Most of the mainstream media have been filled with swampy reporters who have made President Trump’s job at trying to create a successful United States very difficult. They have filled the airwaves with fake news and purposeful bad stories to try and make Trump look bad.

Conservatives are very skeptical of the establishment media and for good reason.

Survey Shows what Trump Voters Think

Highlights from a recent Politico 2020 Voter Priorities Survey shows this:

  • Nearly two-thirds of Trump Voters don’t accept the result. This level of distrust in election results is unprecedented. Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. Do you accept the result? 97 percent of Biden voters accept the result while 38 percent of Trump voters.
  • 83 percent of Trump voters believe the media is the enemy of the people. That statistic nearly flips for Biden voters with 72 percent believing that the media plays an important role in our democracy.
  • 81 percent of Republican voters have less respect for Democrats than they did four years ago. 77 percent of Democrats feel the same.
  • Should we keep the Electoral College or use the popular vote to elect Presidents? 61 percent of Republicans said yes, 32 percent of Democrats said no.
  • 59 percent of Democrats want to end the college and depend on the popular vote.
  • One-quarter of Democrats think that Biden should serve only one term — or 28 percent.
  • Both Trump and Pence (separately) are front runners for the 2024 GOP nomination. Independents are looking at a broader range of GOP candidates including Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley.

It doesn’t take a hot mic for the American people to really know what the media thinks of Republicans and President Trump.

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