Tourist Ripped Apart In HORRIFIC Attack

A tourist at a popular resort on the Rea Sea coast of Egypt has died after her arm and leg were ripped off by a shark in a horrific attack.

The 68-year-old woman was seen by onlookers desperately attempting to swim back to shore following the shark attack.

Sadly, she passed away in a nearby ambulance from “shock.”

The Sun Online revealed the terrifying video that was filmed by Russian tourists, in which the woman can be seen in bloody water struggling to swim back to shore.

And while there was a large crowd of people watching the incident, not one individual was seen entering the water to help the woman.

Reports state that tourists quickly got out of the water when the woman was attacked by the shark and made attempts to “distract the shark from the victim.”

The location of the attack was at Sahl Hasheesh, which is known as a popular bay off the Rea Sea coast of Egypt, nearby Hurghada.

The victim of the attack was Austrian and lived with her Egyptian husband in the country.

Many witnesses saw that the woman had lost an arm to the attack but did not mention a her losing a leg.

One witness could be heard saying: “People are rushing out of the sea. There’s no ambulance, there’s no one helping her. She’s got no arm – up to her elbow. The shark grabbed her and twisted her around.”

Another onlooker shared:

“I had been filming an octopus and people started screaming. I didn’t even pay attention, then I heard a terrible roar. I stopped filming the octopus, turned around and there was that hefty jaw gnawing at this woman. The woman was still fighting off the shark with her hands at first, but apparently the shark bit off her leg with a flipper first, then her hand, which it threw it on the corals.”

He continued on, adding:

“She was in shock. She didn’t even scream, didn’t cry, nothing. People were just screaming. Rescuers were running, there were no life buoys, nothing. There was nothing to throw to save the woman.”

The Sun stated that the doctors were desperate to save the woman, attempting cardiopulmonary resuscitation, however she was unable to be saved.

Following the attack, any swimming, diving, snorkeling and fishing has been prohibited in the area for at least three days, according to reports.



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