Shocking U.S. Marines Scandal Surfaces

When Chinese generals hear the news about the decadent U.S. Marine who actually thought he could get away with keeping an underage sex slave in his barracks, they’re sure to give the green light to go ahead and re-unify Taiwan. Ahead of schedule. America’s readiness is a disaster thanks to woke Pentagon policies. Joe Biden actually admitted to the public that we’re short on artillery shells. That’s his excuse for sending controversial cluster weapons to Ukraine.

Camp Pendleton Marine arrested

An unnamed Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego was reportedlytaken into custody after a missing 14-year-old girl was found inside the barracks.

She’s also developmentally disabled. According to her family, “she was sold for sex and raped by the man.” Apparently, it’s been happening for a while.

The teenage girl, New York Post relates, “allegedly ran away from home on June 9 and was reported missing by her grandmother on June 13.” As revealed by her aunt, Casaundra Perez, “she was discovered inside the barracks by military police on June 28, almost 20 days after she disappeared.

In her TikTok video, the aunt spelled it out. “She was found in the barracks by military police. She had been sold to a soldier for sex.” The Pentagon may be embracing transgenderism but keeping a sex slave in a Marine barracks is still a serious offense.

The sheriff’s department confirmed that the family isn’t exaggerating. They verified that “the teen was found at the Marine base camp and a spokesperson said her grandmother said she had previously run away, but always returned home quickly.

NCIS is handling it now but they have the full support of both the sheriff’s department and the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force.

Combat Logistics Battalion 5

The pervert who got hauled away in handcuffs was reportedly assigned to Combat Logistics Battalion 5, 1st Marine Logistics Group. The victim’s family points out that she had been raped and because she’s under age, cannot give consent.

The really big deal, Perez insists, is how it was handled. She “accused the military of trying to cover up the alleged rape of her niece and said that the whole base camp is responsible.

The reality is the whole facility allowed this to happen. The security looked her in the face and allowed this man to bring a minor onto base where he then proceeded to have sex with her.

As a matter of policy, NCIS does not comment on ongoing investigations. Happily, the girl was returned to her grandmother. It’s also been reported that the Marine was released back to his unit after booking.

Documents reviewed by say “that the girl was interviewed by agents again last week, and that she told them she was kept locked up and sold out for sex by a pimp she knew only by a first name. Agents say they looked into the girl’s claims of being a human trafficking victim but so far have not found evidence to support them.

What they did find was evidence that she only hooked up with the Marine 24 hours before she was discovered, did that on Tinder, and told him she was 22. After he met her, he admits he had sex with her.

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