Bombshell New Jan 6th Testimony Leaves Jury Stunned

January 6th trial is now in recess for the next three weeks after bomb shell testimony by defense witness Tommy Tatum and Defendant Brian Mock. According to witnesses inside the court what the two men had to say nearly derailed proceedings leaving many members of the gallery stunned.

“I witnessed the murder of Rosanne Boyland by Officer Lila Morris” Tatum repeatedly testified.

Chief District Judge James Boasberg clearly expressed where he already leans during Tatum’s statements. It has been reported that the Judge threw his hands in the air while saying, “I’m not going to indulge in this make-believe.”

US Attorneys then went after Tatum over his behavior on the lower west terrace on January 6th.

“Hey, tough guy,” Tatum was heard saying to police in his own video which was exhibited by prosecutors, “Take their helmets!”

The prosecution then went on to cross-examine Tatum about his views on the 2020 election. “Was it stolen’ they asked Tatum implying he was there to stop the process of certification. The Prosecution seems to be laying the groundwork for a future 1512 felony obstruction charge.

A courtroom observer reported that Tatum had FBI interest. According to the observer, five FBI agents entered the courtroom just before Tatum testified, lurking in the back of the room. They all left after Tatum was dismissed.

Pro se Defendant Brian Mock then took to the stand after Tatum. He was eager to speak in his own defense.

Mock started off by testifying about his character. He spoke about his state of mind that day, his mostly moderate political leanings, and negative personal experiences during the 2020 George Floyd riots in his home state of Minnesota.

Mock described the circumstances surrounding each of his 4 alleged assaults on law enforcement. One had already been reduced to not include a dangerous weapon by Judge Boasberg the previous day.

Judge Boasberg declared a recess once he realized Mock wasn’t done with his testimony. After consulting with both sides the Judge declared that proceedings were scheduled to resume on July 11th.

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