Mardi Gras HORROR… Blood in the Streets

The streets of New Orleans have already turned into a bloodbath during this Mardi Gras season.

Five people were shot, one fatally, along the main Mardi Gras parade route.

Police reported that the shooting occurred at the intersection of St. Charles and Terpsichore Streets.

Horror Strikes

In this day and age, when you have a big crowd that has gathered like this, there is bound to be a problem.

This was a problem before but after COVID, the beer muscles have really started to kick in during large events.

One witness described the shooting, stating, “It was a continuous loud noise that kept going off.

“And when I saw people coming from the other side, running across the street, like, in front of the float to us and I saw their faces with pure horror, that’s when I realized something’s not right.

“This must be a shooting.”

Funny how all this violence continues to happen in Democrat-run cities where defund the police has crushed morale and reduced the police presence on the streets.

Source: Fox News

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