Joe Biden Gets Caught in the Middle of His Own Sick Game

Massive GOP House Announcement

Last week, the House Homeland Security Committee took the show on the road.

The committee held an on-location meeting in McAllen, Texas.

The goal was to give members a firsthand look at the border.

It was also the hope that committee members could talk to residents and border officers in person to get a much better feel for what is going on down there.


Several Democrats had reportedly made travel plans and members had even lined up a witness for the hearing.

Then they canceled everything and informed the committee chair they would not be attending.

Not long after that word was spread, the White House came out to blast the meeting.

Spokesperson Ian Sams stated, “The repeated efforts by House Republicans to threaten or vote against border funding reveal they are more interested in using this issue to lob debunked political attacks than actually working with the President on bipartisan solutions to strengthen our immigration system and border security.

“Perhaps House Republicans could take the time at this hearing to look the Chief of the Border Patrol in the eye and honestly explain to him why they want to slash the funding needed to combat fentanyl trafficking, stop unlawful border crossings, and conduct other important law enforcement efforts at the border.”

Sams would not have been able to make that statement if Democrats had shown up, so we have to assume the White House gave the order that no Dems were to attend the meeting.

The hearing itself was actually quite successful, with Border Chief Ortiz dropping some bombshell announcements on Democrats.

Shame they were not there to defend themselves.

Source: Fox News

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