Lifelong Democrat Leader Says He is Sick of Socialists, Breaks from Party and Joins GOP

The Mayor of North Las Vegas, John Lee, thought he would be a lifelong member of the Democrat party. After years of faithfully drinking the Kool-Aid, he woke up and smelled the socialism. In horror, he jumped ship to join the conservatives, who still generally call themselves Republicans even though most of those are liberal moderate RINOs pending a massive purge.

The Democrat Party is over

On Tuesday morning, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee shocked the liberal political world by coming out of the closet as a Republican. Though he was born and raised by true-blue Democrats, he simply couldn’t stomach the socialism and gradually became aware he identified as a DINO.

He finally had enough and had the surgery to chop off his ties to the Democrat Party. Lee chose to make his big announcement on Faux News and his campaign is cashing in by pointing out that “he’s the most prominent Democratic elected official to switch parties since President Joe Biden’s” coronation.

Mayor Lee simply couldn’t allow the insidious terror go unchecked, noting “recent leadership changes within the Nevada Democratic Party,” which he called a “Socialist takeover.”

His staff was hard at work over the weekend redesigning his campaign website into a red themed Republican showpiece.

Once Mayor Lee realized that the party was over he didn’t see any reason to drag it out so ripped the band-aid off quickly.

“Though I’ve been a registered Democrat on paper my entire life, I made the switch in my heart a long time ago, because on some things, there’s simply no compromise.” He was so convinced that he voted twice for Donald Trump.

The NRA likes him too

Mayor Lee believes he will feel right at home carrying a GOP voter registration card around in his wallet. He always got along well with Ted Nugent and the guys at the NRA. He makes sure to brag about his “A+ rating from the National Rifle Association and his pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment values.”

At least this party lets him pack heat for protection. He plans to be a regular on Faux News, even if they aren’t as fair and balanced as they used to be. At least they aren’t as flamingly liberal as CNN.

“I found a new place where I can put my allegiance to and help once again, forget about the last eight years, its about the next four years that predict the future,” Lee told ‘Fox and Friends’ viewers.

The Republican party is willing to overlook his background and help him move ahead into the future. Meanwhile, the Democrats are having a snit.

Over at the Nevada Democratic Party they aren’t talking to reporters. Anything they did say wouldn’t be printable anyway. They are disgusted because they thought they had him firmly under control and Las Vegas is an important place.

The first time he got the keys to the Mayor’s office was in 2013 and he holds power through 2022. Before that, he was an integral part of the Nevada legislature.

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