Obama Caught Red-Handed, He Knew The Whole Time!

The recent news coming out of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee has raised an alarming question: is former Vice President Joe Biden guilty of using his political position to make money for his family?

Chairman James Comer believes that Biden used his vice presidency in the Obama White House to set up his relatives as highly paid business consultants overseas.

Comer remarked that ex-President Barack Obama may have known about what Biden was doing, especially since he visited China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Mexico during his time as VP.

Nine members of the Biden family were involved in these foreign deals and received payments from them.

Comer further suggested that this could be why Obama initially hesitated when it came to endorsing Biden’s presidential campaign last year.

With the Department of Justice (DOJ) now considering criminal charges against Hunter Biden, things are heating up fast.

On top of this, an IRS whistleblower has been granted permission from the House Ways and Means Committee to testify about political interference related to a criminal investigation into Hunter’s tax affairs.

According to Chairman Comer, there have been credible allegations that Hunter’s legal team is attempting to intimidate potential witnesses – something which he described as “testing the limits”.

Furthermore, Comer claims banks working with him on subpoenas are being squeezed by lawyers connected with prominent high-ranking Democrats in Congress and even White House Communications Director Jen Psaki continues tweeting messages aimed at intimidating him for trying to investigate this case.

And if these weren’t concerning enough already – many potential witnesses are too scared to come forward because they fear for their lives!

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