NJ ELECTION UPDATE: The Case of 56 Voting Machines

It’s déjà vu all over again. Americans have been verboten to discuss election integrity so nobody is saying a word. Especially not about the way 56 voting machines have been called into question after the “stunning” Democrat victory in the New Jersey governor’s race. When everyone went to bed Tuesday night, GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli had the lead over incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Murphy. It was only a dream. By morning it was gone. As the news stories explain the results, readers have to glance up at the byline date to be sure they aren’t talking about last November.

machines in limbo

In the garden state of New Jersey where they never heard the words, “mafia,” “teamsters union,” or “organized crime,” voters went to bed Tuesday evening, November 2, 2021 believing Republican Jack Ciattarelli would be the new governor.

They knew not to hold their breath over it, though. After the winner was declared somebody noticed that the votes from 56 machines never got counted. The official story is the same as last time.

What you see live on TV the night of the election is only a smokescreen. It didn’t matter the slightest that live coverage showed “Ciattarelli flipping traditionally blue counties to red and picking up significantly more votes in red counties than in previous elections.”

Democrats seem to have election manipulation down to a science. If you can’t pre-program or back-door the voting machines, you can always turn them off and forget about them.


Those helpful news graphics the producers love so much indicated that 100% of certain precincts, especially the red ones, had “reported their votes.” Despite that, Democrat votes continued coming in.

Just enough for the Democrat to take the lead back. Once again, it was like magic turned red to blue. It wasn’t until later they learned of the missing machines. Each one was packed with votes. Who’s votes? It’s up to a judge to decide if the world will ever know.

Votes were not counted

Whether liberals like it or not, it’s a provable fact that in the Democrat stronghold of Essex County “56 voting machines were shut down on election night and were NOT counted.” Can anything be done about that? Maybe.

Essex County Clerk Christopher Durkin swears up and down he wasn’t bribed to commit election fraud or anything. This is normal, he insists. Durkin blamed the shutdown on a “poll worker error.” Oops.

The disregarded votes were “mostly” located in places like “Newark, East Orange, Irvington, Maplewood, and Montclair.” Durkin begs New Jersey voters not to take him for a ride out to the swamp for cannolis. He can explain, he insists. “Those machines are at the polling place right now.” The law says they must be “brought back to the warehouse.” The judge is the one to make an offer he can’t refuse.

“A judge will issue an order” for them to “retrieve the results and post those results.” Or, he won’t. It’s really no big deal Durkin pleads, “this happens in every election in every county.” Oh, really? Paterson, New Jersey Mayor Andre Seigh “claims they had a similar situation in 5 of their districts” including Passaic County, “where it was a tight race.”

The publicly available data on the interweb shows that out of 550 districts in Essex County, only 499 have “reported their results as of 5:18 p.m. on Wednesday.”

That indicates 51 have at least one of the missing machines. Democrat Governor Phil Murphy “was declared the winner of the NJ governor’s race by the media yesterday” so it’s official. The media judgement call is all that matters, not the votes.

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