Fox and Friends Converts to Full on Leftism

It should be no surprise by now that Fox & Friends would turn their backs on deplorable supporters of Donald Trump. After all, Faux News has become more unfair and imbalanced every day. Their conversion to leftism is totally out of the closet. Embracing the New World Order of things, they insist that now is the time to throw Donald Trump under the bus. They’re quick to acknowledge that they got the memo that Patriotism is now considered a “malignancy.”

Fox embraces the New World Order

On Sunday morning, Jedediah Bila told her Fox and Friends viewers, “you have a bunch of people throughout the country, millions of people who believe that the election was stolen and rigged.” Obviously, they were all misinformed and misled by that bad orange man. “I would contend that was because they were lied to. Others may feel differently about it. Regardless, they believe it.”


You bet they believe it, but it won’t matter for long because patriotism is officially a thing of the past, along with the Constitution, rule of law, and the American way of life. Welcome to the New World Order. According to a tweet by former Obama CIA Director John Brennan, “total denunciation of a despot’s legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy.”

Bila showed Fox her expertise at anti-Conservative propaganda by following up her comments later on Twitter. “The talking point ‘Many Trump voters feel their votes didn’t count’ can’t be stated without also citing the reason. That they were lied to by the President over & over. It’s awful & I’m angry as hell that anyone was lied to about a stolen election, but it happened. That’s reality.” Evidence? What evidence? Nobody saw any evidence. It’s all lies.


The Supreme Court didn’t want to see any evidence, so they didn’t. Congress didn’t want to see any evidence, so they didn’t. From now on, instead of R or D after a lawmaker’s name, conservative Americans will start labeling them more accurately. “P” for Patriot or “T” for Traitor. At this point, the Patriot party is far outnumbered by the Traitors. Fox and the degenerate dregs of the Murdoch dynasty are gloating.

Anyone who questions gets censored

Typical in oppressive regimes, the media will be controlled with an iron fist by Democrats. Immediately following the apparently Deep State engineered barbarian invasion of the Capitol Building on Wednesday, President Trump had his social media accounts locked.

He’s been banned from Twitter for life and Facebook is thinking of making the same ruling. When he switched to Parlor, there was an instant assault to take that platform off the internet. Fox continues to tell you what they want you to hear.

One of the things that you won’t be hearing anything about on Fox are the rumors floating around that President Trump is considering use of the Emergency Broadcast System to break through the wall of censorship.

The rumor may be just another falsely planted “Q” type clue designed to get highly radical but not very bright patriots to spread around and make everyone look foolish on “cue,” but the media won’t do their job and run those rumors down to debunk them. They’re afraid the fact checkers may declare them true and they can’t have that.

Instead, Fox News is pushing the narrative, as summed up by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, “the left has now said if you oppose their policies, that’s the equivalence of violence and you have to be removed. If you raise questions about election integrity, you can’t be on the internet. If you raise questions about the lockdowns, you can’t be on the internet.”


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