Liberal City Tries Revolutionary Experiment to Reduce Crime

The Democrat run city of Tacoma, Washington decided to try a revolutionary experiment. Their liberal leaders weren’t sure they were doing the right thing but had to try something because retail theft, armed robbery and murder were spiraling totally out of control. To their amazement, the experiment worked. Officials can finally announce “a drop in homicides, violent crime, and property crime so far this year, which is being attributed in part to the hiring of more police officers.” Who could have imagined?

City shocked by results

The city of Tacoma is stunned that simply hiring police and prosecuting the criminals they catch has slashed the homicide rate by a full 35%, compared with the same quarter last year.

Not only that, violent crime has dropped by a fifth. Burglaries were cut in half and property crimes are down by a quarter. They got the ball rolling last May and it’s finally producing results they can point to.

A year ago, the city police department was 55 officers short on their roster. Today, they’re only short 31. Even though they still aren’t fully up to staff, Mayor Victoria Woodards declared that the extra cops they did get contributed significantly to the dip in crime.

You can’t deny that,” she admits. Having 20 more people in the department “absolutely makes a difference.

Even with the extra help she’s been getting, Tacoma Police Officer Wendy Haddow remains disappointed with the murder rate in her city. “We are still at 13 (homicides), which is far too many, but definitely encouraging numbers.

Officers and detectives, she relates, “are doing hard work every day. They are doing the work, numbers are coming down. Are there still areas of concern? Yes there are.

Visibility is important

The biggest key to fighting criminals, Officer Haddow explains, is just having the police around where they can be seen. “When you see officers out and about patrolling, I think it deters crime.” The Mayor agrees that “there is more work to be done.

Still, she’s “cautiously optimistic” that the downward trends will continue. The liberal had no idea that police patrolling her city could actually turn out to be friends instead of enemies.

She isn’t ready to admit that it was the Democrat policy of defunding the police which drove away all her officers. She blames the shortage on COVID. No matter what the cause, she’s going to keep a close eye on her city to ensure that they maintain the recent gains.

While this is good news, and we’re trending in the right direction, we still have to keep our heads down and work. We’re still up from where we were before the pandemic, so that’s what we’re trying to get back to.

The police union is happy to have the additional 20 officers and can’t wait to train at least 31 more. Even though there has been a lot of progress, the head of the local police union, Henry Betts, remains skeptical. He says the city gloating over success is a little premature. The mayor and other officials are engaged in a “shell game,” he suggests.

We’re comparing this year’s crime to record-breaking years the last two years, so it looks like a decrease, but if we take a step back, really, that’s not what the community is seeing.” Crime, he notes, “is still really high, we’re still down a lot of cops.” He’s happy for the step in the right direction but not getting too excited. “We’ve been defunded, we’re still understaffed, the numbers we are seeing decrease are just coming down from record-breaking years.

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