Joe Rogan says transgender swimmer Lia Thomas dominating is an 'assault on women's sports'

Joe Rogan Goes All In [Details]

Joe Rogan is speaking out about the Lia Thomas controversy, saying that the NCAA transgender swimmer competing and dominating is an “assault on women’s sports.”

On a recent episode of his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the comedian weighed in on how Thomas being the best “women’s swimmer” is actually “terrible” for the transgender movement.

“What it is now is not good. What it is now is assault on women’s sports, and the idea that anybody would think it’s fair that someone who was number 462 as a man, 462 in the nation is number one as a woman a year later, and that’s fair,” Rogan said.

Thomas — a man — is a fifth-year senior who swam for three years on the men’s team before “transitioning” and claiming to be a female. Thomas skyrocketed from being ranked as the 462nd-best male college swimmer to being the No. 1-ranked female collegiate swimmer.

Rogan’s guest, fellow comedian Yannis Pappas, joked, “You don’t think maybe it was her passion for swimming that got her to number one? Or changing diet?”

“Could be, maybe just becoming her true self,” Rogan responded.

“But that might be the woke straw that breaks society’s camel’s back. Women are so frustrated, or parents,” Rogan continued. “If your daughter is competing, and they’re competing against a trans woman, it’s not fair. It’s just not fair. No matter what anybody says.”

“There’s this nonsense idea of like, well, there’s outliers — there’s outliers and then there’s biological males, right? That’s beyond outliers,” he continued.

Rogan went on to note that sports are where people draw a line as to what is acceptable or not, especially when men can easily outperform women because of advantages provided by nature.

“Well, it’s interesting because in all other aspects of society, it’s pretty much a given that, you know, a person can become trans and change their name and we’re all pretty accepting of it,” Rogan said. “Where people have the most pushback is in sports, athletic competition. That’s where the real pushback is, right? Where people like ‘Hey, f*** right. This is not fair.’ This is clearly not fair, is a reason why we have a distinction between men and women’s sports.”

Pappas responded, pointing out that typically liberals are vehemently in support of equality, equity, and ensuring a level playing field – except when it comes to transgender athletes competing in sports.

“And it’s ironic because the people on that side usually always champion equality and nobody having an advantage and you know, the people who are maybe disenfranchised or less capable should have an equal opportunity and by throwing someone like Lia Thomas in there, you’re kind of — that’s the opposite of that,” Pappas said.

Rogan warned that transgender athletes dominating females in competitions may lead to unintended consequences in advancing the transgender movement.

“I think it’s also probably terrible for the whole trans movement, because it makes people more cynical about what the positive aspects of it are, and it makes people more, you know, less likely to accept it, because they think of, now they think of trans people and trans rights, and they connect it to this athletic thing,” he said. “It’s probably making people more distrustful or more upset and less accepting.”


In January, Joe Rogan appeared on “The Tim Dillon Show,” where he stated: “The swimmer that’s like lapping all these biological women, that’s f***ed because they don’t have a choice they have to compete.”


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