Dark Shadow Moves from the White House and China

Our new Attorney General appears to fade in and out of the conspiracy cracks like some dark and shadowy vampire. With his okay, Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer left for China at the same time “two Canadians held by Beijing” were released. Conservative Republican lawmaker Jim Banks sent a letter off to Attorney General Merrick Garland to accuse the Imperial Palace of agreeing to a “prisoner swap.” More details are emerging about the DOJ’s decision in July to drop the charges against at least six suspected Chinese spies, including Meng Wanzhou.

China calling the shots

Every day, more and more evidence surfaces that Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace are taking orders from Communist China. Republican Rep. Jim Banks wants palace administrators to explain all the details of what happened behind the scenes in what looks suspiciously like a back room deal.

The lawmaker is convinced that secret communications back and forth between the palace and the Ministry of Justice prove nefarious reasons for the “near-simultaneous release” of detained spies.

On Friday, September 24, the CFO of controversial Chinese chip maker Huawei, Meng Wanzhou “flew home to China from Canada after reaching an agreement with U.S. prosecutors to end the bank fraud case against her.” Everybody knows the incident has been “a point of tension” diplomatically between the two major powers.

The thing which raised everyone’s eyebrows over the shady deal is the fact that within “hours of news of the deal, the two Canadians who were arrested shortly after Meng was taken into custody were released from Chinese jails and were on their way back to Canada.” If that’s not a swap then what is?

By Monday, the palace was frantically issuing denials. Controversy over China is the last thing Biden needs with his infrastructure schemes imploding at the worst possible moment. He had to cancel his trip to Chicago on Wednesday to deal with the crisis in Congress.

Official Palace Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki was pushed in front of the cameras to distract reporters with something. She was quick to pass the buck to the Ministry of Injustice. Psaki insists the Meng deal was “an action taken by an independent Department of Justice.”

Everything from day one

In his official letter, Banks demanded “all communications between the White House, State and Justice departments since President Joe Biden took office” basically on a fishing trip through every message from day one till now which involves China. He’s convinced it will prove Biden’s “interference” in the Meng case.

“You told the Senate Judiciary Committee that you would protect the integrity of the Justice Department from political influences,” he reminded Garland. “But this sequence has left me wondering if the White House and State Department interfered in this prosecution case.”

It’s clear that “the decision to let Meng go” was “influenced by politics” but the question is “to what extent.” The DOJ isn’t answering their phone to discuss the China issue with reporters. Banks isn’t the only congressional watchdog chasing the same rabbit.

Jim Jordan and Andy Biggs also sent Garland a letter demanding details of why “alleged Chinese spies Tang Juan, Xin Wang, Chen Song, Kaikai Zhao, Anming Hu and Guan Lei” have all been turned loose. It happened in July but lawmakers are only finding out about it now.

“It is not clear,” the conservative wrote, “whether the Department dismissed these changes due to reported misconduct by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or because the Department under your leadership is more invested in pursuing the far-left political goals of the Biden-Harris Administration than in protecting American national security interests.”

China seems to get priority treatment in all the Biden policy decisions.

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