Exclusive: Left-Wing Protest Violence Descends on Major U.S. Cities 

Left-wing rioters have wreaked havoc in cities across the U.S. and their rampage continued in cities such as Denver, Seattle and Portland after Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president.

Left-Wing Violence Persists

Despite a Democrat being voted into the presidential office, anarchy erupted in cities across the country. At the Colorado State Capital building, around 50 Antifa members gathered to burn American flags, an officer with the Colorado State Patrol told Newsweek.

Denver, Colorado has seen its fair share of violence and destruction from Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters throughout 2020 and now into the new year.

According to police reports, Denver had more protest violence than any other major U.S. city. The Centennial State’s largest city saw 81 police officers injured and almost as many civilians faced injuries.

Denver Faces More Protest Chaos

A report by the Major Cities Chiefs Association relayed that Denver’s police dealt with more violence than any other city in America in regard to protests.

Left-Wing Protest Violence Descends on Major U.S. Cities

Republican Colorado State Representative Matt Soper has witnessed the aftermath of the continuous destruction rioters have caused and provided his views on the situation.

“It’s mind-boggling to have watched left-wing protesters burn our American flag, graffiti buildings, and smash windows to ‘celebrate’ the inauguration of Joe Biden,” Rep. Soper said.

As violence proceeds to reign destruction on businesses and notable buildings across the U.S., persistent calls to defund police still hold strong.

CO Rep. Gives Insight

Rep. Soper recently won re-election to Colorado’s House District 54 where he captured 66% of the vote. With Democrats holding the majority in the governorship, House and Senate, Rep. Soper has found ways to work across the aisle while also standing strong on his thoughts about a solution regarding protest violence.

“Instead of defunding the police, which leaves families victims to thugs and thieves, the left should crackdown on criminal behavior which had led to the destruction of our state and national capitols and a crime wave which has especially devastated the economically disadvantaged,” he continued.

“Violence is criminal behavior and should be repudiated. It’s up to our governors and president to protect citizens, private property, and public property from criminal destruction.”

It is unclear whether law and order will eventually prevail or if these left-wing protests will continue to become a normal occurrence in major cities across the U.S.

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