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Internet Super-sleuths Discover Treasure Trove of Voter Fraud Data

New York, NY- Internet super-sleuths have discovered a treasure trove of voter fraud data. The data shows switched votes from President Trump to Former Vice President Joe Biden. They pored over hundreds of pages of code and have now revealed their findings to the online world. The shock waves will be wide reaching and disturbing. With the story breaking from The Gateway Pundit, MadworldNews and the left seem to be in full panic mode to bury it.

What did ‘The Code’ these Internet Super-sleuths Discovered do?

Unaudited analysis shows Dominion voting machines and others allegedly switched 512, 095 votes from Trump to Biden and “Lost” or “Deleted” 2,865,757 votes. The only states unaffected are Nevada, Alaska, Washington, Hawaii, Idaho, Oklahoma, Indiana, Delaware, Vermont and the District of Columbia.

Therefore , Dominion Voting Systems among other machines compromised election results of the remaining 41 States.


What did the ‘Voter Fraud Data’ stories say?

According to the root thread on

“The data shows serious IREGULARITIES and there should be a full investigation into the Dominion system to determine what really happened on election.”

“The results should disturb everyone.”

Jim Hoft, founder of The Gateway Pundit wrote Thursday, “We obtained an unaudited analysis of data available for all the states looking for system glitches and other oddities in vote counts related to the Presidential race only.” Reportedly, this data was scraped from The New York Times. If these analysis are correct, the problem is widespread and would have skewed the results in favor of Joe Biden.

What does this mean for the election result?

We need to throw out the results from 41 states. Because with a do-over vote all but impossible before the Electoral College deadline on December 14th, and lawsuits in progress in multiple states, we could in this instance see the first ‘Contingent Election’ decided by the House of Representative’s State Delegations in modern history.


Reuters explained:

“Each state delegation in the House gets a single vote. As of now, Republicans control 26 of the 50 state delegations, while Democrats have 22; one is split evenly and another has seven Democrats, six Republicans and a Libertarian.”

In conclusion: it’s still possible that President Trump can retain his office under these circumstances. And only time will tell.

  1. This does not surprise me in the least. The problem is getting ALL the info together and presenting it to the courts in a way they (the Courts) can understand and having the proper or professional backing in order for them (again the Courts) to understand it all. Good luck on this project.

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