Former ICE Director Exposes Democrat Evil Plan to Flood the Country

Former ICE Director Tom Homan ripped the lid right off the evil Democrat plan to flood the country with illegals. He didn’t mince any words at an interview with Faux News this weekend.

The plan all along

It’s no accident that January’s border arrests are up 114% from last year and at a peak not seen since July of 2019. It’s all going according to plan. A dastardly evil plot that Homan warned about seven months ago.

The former acting ICE director was interviewed about the “recent surge” U.S. officials are seeing on the southern border. It’s no accident he insists. It’s “the result of a designed open borders strategy” by the Imperial Leader and his handlers.

In January, ICE actually caught around 3,000 illegals. Homan isn’t surprised. “I wrote an op-ed for Fox News seven months ago and I said if Joe Biden became president, we would lose the border and it’s happening.” The “surge,” he asserts “is already there.”

And as for the 3k figure, “the truth is, it’s almost 4,000 crossings a day because Border Patrol isn’t adding the illegals who got away.” They can count the foot prints in the sand. “That’s 120,000 month, which is 1.4 million a year. And that’s why Title 42 is still in place for single adults.” Once “Remain in Mexico” ends, it’s all over. At least, that’s the plan.

The numbers will “be astronomical” Homan warns. “We knew this will happen because all the promises Joe Biden has made and he continues to make.” This “isn’t by accident.

This is by design.” George Soros set the plan in motion long ago. “This is an open border strategy. He has bowed to the left, we lose the border.”

Less serious offenses

Unfair and imbalanced Faux News wanted to give the progressive side of the story so they put up a graphic from a memo put out by the current acting director, Tae Johnson.

Referring to the illegal aliens who ducked detainer warrants under the plan, the quote read, “generally these convictions would not include drug based crimes (less serious offenses), simple assault, DUI, money laundering, property crimes, fraud, tax crimes, solicitation, or charges without convictions.” Homan fact checked it as bullsh!t.

ICE can’t keep track of anyone. They “lost 95% of their criminal targets they arrest every year, criminal targets, people convicted of crimes, 95% of them are off the table.” The plan doesn’t prepare for that. The Imperial Leader “says public safety is still important.

Well, obviously not because DUI is a public safety issue, over 10,000 people a year die from DUIs.” If His Wisdom “ever sat down and talked to an angel mom or angel dad, and I’ve met hundreds of them, whose children were killed by someone here illegally, over a DUI, they’ve lost their children.”

The Democrats can’t deny it’s all according to plan. “This this isn’t about public safety at all, because he says sex offenders are still a priority.

But he hasn’t done a thing about sanctuary cities. So sanctuary cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, I go on, Seattle, they’re not going to honor ICE detainers whether a sexual predator or not.”

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