Jew Hating Terrorist Arrested!

Here we have yet another example of the Biden administration’s lax immigration policies that are putting American lives in danger. In Houston, Texas a Jordanian national was arrested by authorities just before he planned to commit a big attack against a Jewish group.

On October 19th federal authorities arrested 20-year-old Sohaib Abuayyash from Jordan in Houston and charged him with unlawful possession of a firearm. Court documents revealed that he had “trained with weapons to possibly commit an attack.”

According to a federal judge’s detention order, Abuayyash had made remarks about “martyrdom” and “referenced an event in Houston for members of a particular religious group.” A law enforcement source told CNN that Abuayyash was planning to target Jews at this gathering.

The judge also mentioned that he had accessed content online from radical organizations which included instructions on constructing bombs. Furthermore, Abuayyash had applied for asylum after his visa expired in 2019 and was authorized to work until August 2025 but not allowed to possess or use firearms.

Thanks to this violation, authorities were able to quickly take him into custody while they continued their investigation into potentially bringing further charges against him down the line.

FBI Director Christopher Wray commented on the potential terrorist threat posed by extremists inspired by the fighting taking place overseas during testimony before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs saying: “That includes … domestic violent extremists targeting Jewish or Muslim communities.” He also noted that “the terrorism threat has been elevated throughout 2023” due to war occurring abroad and raised concerns about attacks happening domestically against Americans here in America like what almost occurred in Houston.

Furthermore, Wray highlighted how Jews are uniquely targeted by terrorists saying: “when you look at a group that makes up 2.4 percent, roughly, of the American population it should be jarring to everyone that that same population accounts for something like 60 percent of all religious-based hate crimes.”

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