Military Practice in South China Sea Could Turn Into Real War

Joe Biden seems to be starting a war with China, simply to distract from his own legal problems. An upcoming set of joint navy drills could end up sparking serious escalation in the South China Sea. Japan and Australia will also be be on hand to help tease the Pooh Bear.

War practice in South China Sea

The United States, Japan and Australia are trying to poke the Pooh Bear with a stick by holding “a joint navy drill in the South China Sea off the western Philippines this week.

They claim it’s to “underscore their commitment to the rule of law in the region after a recent show of Chinese aggression in the disputed waters.” On August 5, the Communists started a Super-Soaker battle by blasting Philippine vessels with water cannons.

Considering that Taiwan sits squarely in the middle of the controversial area, “disputes have long been regarded as a potential flashpoint and have become a fault line in the rivalry between the U.S. and China in the region.

Not everyone sees it as clinically as Politico. To the people living on the Chinese territory, it looks a lot like the “re-unification” is about to jump into full swing a little early.

The exercise is set to “include three aircraft and helicopter carriers sailing together in a show of force and undertaking joint drills.” The Chinese might just show up and give them some live fire training in response.

Their commanders are set to meet with Filipino counterparts in Manila after the offshore drills, two Philippine security officials told The Associated Press.” China is obviously not happy about it.

The USS America

The U.S. Navy “plans to deploy an aircraft carrier, the USS America, while Japan would send one of its biggest warships, the helicopter carrier JS Izumo. The Royal Australian Navy would send its HMAS Canberra, which also carries helicopters.

This isn’t something new that was just put together because of the water cannon incident, it’s been in the works for months. The timing certainly comes in handy to make a political statement, though. China took notice.

For now, the Philippines are sitting this one out, afraid to make Xi Jinping any angrier than he already is. They officially announced they “would not be part of this week’s drills due to military logistical limitations but is open to becoming a participant in the future.

Earlier this month, “six Chinese coast guard ships and two militia vessels blocked two Philippine navy-chartered civilian boats taking supplies to the Philippine forces stationed at the Second Thomas Shoal.” China claims that island for themselves.

You bet we did it and we’ll do it again, the Chinese declare. “In order to avoid direct blocking and collisions when repeated warnings were ineffective, water cannons were used as a warning. The on-site operation was professional and restrained, which is beyond reproach,” the Chinese coast guard said.

China will continue to take necessary measures to firmly safeguard its territorial sovereignty.” It looks like we’re sending in an aircraft carrier to deliver the next load of supplies. Things could get interesting.

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