Jack Posobiec Drops Bomb On ‘Peaceful Divorce’ [Watch]

While attending the Turning Point USA event, ‘AmericaFest2021’ in Phoenix on December 20th, The GOP Times’ Matt Holloway interviewed Jack Posobiec, host of Human Events Daily and Senior Editor of Human Events. The eight-minute of so interview touched upon the sanctity of the Second Amendment of the Constitution, vaccine mandates, and the notion of a peaceful divorce between the states. And that’s where things became interesting with Posobiec dropping a bomb on the very notion, “There’s no question that it could not be peaceful.” 

Posobiec’s Nuanced Take of ‘National Separation’ Rather Than ‘Divorce’

Check out the exchange here in full context and WATCH the interview below.

Matt: So now we’re getting into state versus federal level polarization plus left-right political polarization so honest-to-God question hypothetically the republican party fails to retake control of the house and senate in 2022 and we see I think it’s likely that they’ll I think it’s likely to also probably descendant too honestly, I agree but hypothetically we see another four years of Biden, Harris or whoever they prop up in his place. Because I think we both know very well he’s not in control.

Jack: I would… I would be shocked if… if Biden were to win in 2024, I would be absolutely shocked

Matt: I would be as well. But there’s been a lot of talk about ‘peaceful divorce’ do you think we see that with four more years of Democrat-Socialist governance?

Jack: Yeah, so you know if when I hear people talk about national divorce I mean there’s, there’s no question that it could not be peaceful. That people ever tried to do I think that question’s kind of been asked and answered.

But I do think that we’re going to have what we’re seeing now isn’t necessarily more of a divorce it’s more of like a… um it’s more of like a national separation. Right? You know so uh you know it’s like we’re living under the same roof. But we’re dating other people and uh you know visitation. Right? But we got to stay together for the sake of the normies right? So that’s and you’re seeing that with people that are now moving out of places like California. People are self-selecting. California, New York and where they move.

Matt: The ‘great migration’?

Jack: Yeah, they’re moving to Florida, exactly the ‘great migration’ which is tied to the ‘great resignation’ all of these things are happening at junction and i think that if you’re a conservative you’ve got to find and you’re living in a blue area you’ve got to find a red state and you’ve got to go there and make it right.

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