George Floyd Rioter Gets 120 Months for Murdering Father of 5

Oscar Lee Stewart Jr. was a father of five children, he was thirty years old, his mother Janie told the press that he was a hard worker “He hustled,” she said. “It wasn’t like him to sit around and do nothing.”, he worked as an assembly line leader and bought and sold electronics. But all of that ended when Montez Terriel Lee Jr. set fire to a pawn shop during the George Floyd BLM riots in Minneapolis, MN on May 28, 2020, trapping Oscar inside the flaming building and murdering him. Oscar’s body wasn’t found until July 20th.

According to The Independent Sentinel,

“Investigators discovered the remains of 30-year-old Oscar Lee Stewart Jr. on July 20, 2020, in the rubble of Max It Pawn Shop. Three months later, the Hennepin County medical examiner ruled Stewart’s death a homicide.

“This individual died from probable inhalation of products of combustion and thermal injury from an intentional building fire and manner of death is homicide,” states a summary of the autopsy.”

Only Arson Charges For The Man Who Confessed To Murdering Oscar

In a gross miscarriage of justice, Black Lives Matter arsonist Montez Terriel Lee Jr. who has confessed to arson for starting the fire that destroyed the Max It Pawn Shop, and killed Oscar will not face murder charges. According to reports, Lee Jr., of Rochester, NY traveled to Minneapolis specifically to take part in the BLM riots happening there. He has been sentenced to 10 years for the arson, and was not charged with murder, though in court documents, the prosecutors stated that “the Court’s sentence must account for the fact that Mr. Lee’s crime took Oscar Stewart’s life.”

From the US Attorney’s Offices District of Minnesota,

“According to his guilty plea, on May 28, 2020, Montez Terriel Lee, 26, along with others, broke into the Max It Pawn Shop on East Lake Street in Minneapolis. Surveillance video footage showed Lee pouring a fire accelerant around the pawn shop and lighting the accelerant on fire. The fire destroyed the building. A second video showed Lee standing in front of the burning pawn shop and Lee could be heard saying, “[expletive] this place. We’re gonna burn this [expletive] down.”

Lee’s responsibility for the death of Oscar Stewart is undeniable. But here’s where the perversion of justice becomes inescapable.

A memo from the US Attorney’s office for the District of Minnesota  Thomas Calhoun-Lopez, revealed by 100%FedUp appears to recommend a lesser sentence because of the “motives” behind Lee’s actions. The document chooses to blithely brush past the stolen life of Oscar Stewart and points instead to Lee’s “motive”.

“Mr. Lee’s motive for setting the fire is a foremost issue. Mr. Lee credibly states that he was in the streets to protest unlawful police violence against black men, and there is no basis to disbelieve this statement. Mr. Lee, appropriately, acknowledges that he “could have demonstrated in a different way,” but that he was “caught up in the fury of the mob after living as a black man watching his peers suffer at the hands of police.”

Astonishingly the apologist memo continues to whitewash Lee’s culpability, due to the “unpredictable” nature of arson. Ignoring the fact that if you don’t commit arson the result is 100% predictable.

“Arson in particular is an inherently dangerous and unpredictable felony offense. The arsonist who sets a building ablaze cannot know the extent of the damage or death he or she will cause—the crime is by its nature chaotic and uncontrollable. Surrounding homes and businesses may be inadvertently destroyed; firefighters, people trapped in buildings, or the arsonist him or herself may be killed. In this case, Mr. Stewart paid the cost for Mr. Lee’s flagrantly dangerous disregard for others. Mr. Lee states that he checked the building before he set the fire to make sure no one would be hurt. If true, this is at least some small measure of precaution. But as the evidence makes clear, it was woefully inadequate. Mr. Lee’s check of the building did not save Oscar Stewart’s life; nor would it have been effective in saving the lives of any firefighters had they become trapped; nor would it have saved the lives and property of nearby neighbors if the wind carried the conflagration to their homes.”

The US Attorney made their own motives quite clear here and this is the shameful state of justice under the Biden-Harris regime, they added.

“As anyone watching the news worldwide knows, many other people in Minnesota were similarly caught up,”  the memo continued. “There appear to have been many people in those days looking only to exploit the chaos and disorder in the interests of personal gain or random violence. There appear also to have been many people who felt angry, frustrated, and disenfranchised, and who were attempting, in many cases in an unacceptably reckless and dangerous manner, to give voice to those feelings. Mr. Lee appears to be squarely in this latter category.”

A History Of Violent Crime – But Still No Justice

Calhoun-Lopez argued for a lenient sentence despite knowing that Lee has a history of violence. He insisted that Lee “does not appear to pose a danger to the public,” even knowing his criminal record.

He explained, “Mr. Lee appears to be a thoughtful, intelligent man. He does have a terrible incident of domestic violence in his criminal history, in which he viciously assaulted a woman and ruptured her left eardrum,” he failed to add that Lee also has prior convictions for burglary, violation of no-contact order, and theft.

As Cassandra Fairbanks of The Gateway Pundit rightly observed, “The memo was practically gushing and could have been written by the defense,”. Here we see the DoJ practically falling over themselves to provide moral justification for Lee’s actions and sweep aside the tragedy of Oscar’s murder. But will we see such memos refer to January 6th rioters being “caught up in the fury of the mob” after living as Americans watching their government fall to a coup engineered by leftists, the mainstream media, and big-tech corporations? What do you think?

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