Breaking: Terrorist Apprehended

A man who profiles a whole lot like a terrorist was thankfully captured at the border. This is exactly why conservatives have been screaming about the wide open border nightmare. You can’t allow millions of undocumented aliens to just stroll across the line without inviting killers to blend in with the crowd.

Terrorist captured in Yuma

A suspected terrorist was apprehended near Yuma, Arizona after illegally entering the United States on Thursday, December 16. The Saudi Arabian government officially denies he’s one of theirs.

The Saudis have no problem at all coming in through the front door so wet-backing our border is something they wouldn’t allow a camel to do. Even though this guy appears to be a “Saudi National” it isn’t true.

Alert Yuma Sector Border Patrol agent Chris Clem was on patrol around 7:53 a.m. Monday when he ran into a “21-year-old man from Saudi Arabia” and took him into custody. They think he wandered across the line on Thursday.

When they ran his fingerprints, the report came back he was “linked to several Yemeni subjects of interest.” Another thing that leads to Border Patrol suspicions he’s a “potential terrorist” is the way he was dressed.

Photos of the Central Oneida County volunteer jacket he was wearing went viral and the New York based ambulance company reached out to a local news station in Tucson to clarify for the record “the suspect is not connected to their organization.”

They aren’t sure how he got their jacket but note the terrorist is a little out of date fashion-wise. Not only that, his flag’s sewn on backwards.

Well before my time

According to Thomas Meyers, Chief of EMS at Central Oneida County, “I’m unsure of how he obtained it, we have policies in place when an employee leaves employment that we retrieve all the property, but that particular jacket we used for about 10 years which is well before my time.” That’s how long it took to trickle all way to Yemen.

“So in the course of ten years one or two have probably slipped through the cracks.” It gives the terrorist a look of responsibility and makes folks wonder if he had a target in New York

By Monday evening, the Saudi Ambassador’s phone had melted. The “Saudi Embassy released a statement regarding the suspect, confirming he is not a Saudi citizen.” He may be a terrorist but he isn’t one of theirs.

“Based on the engagement with the relevant U.S. authorities on this matter, the Embassy confirms that the individual mentioned here is not a Saudi citizen. We will continue to coordinate with the US govt and bring forward any facts on this matter.”

Catching one terrorist makes everyone wonder how many more got through undetected? CBP statistics confirm that in the month of November alone, more than 173,000 illegal crossings were prevented.

Thousands more are now comfortably settling in to jobs as nanny’s and landscapers nationwide. Along with a few sleeper cells and their dreams to bring Uncle Sam a Nightmare Before Christmas.

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