Newly Filed Records EXPOSE Corrupt Democrat Money Connections

The socialist country of Venezuela’s state owned energy company PDVSA just updated their financial disclosure records to reveal that they inked a $6 million deal to throw money at a heavy Democrat donor. They did it at the exact same time they were unsuccessfully lobbying the Trump administration against sanctions but Marcia Wiss insists she’s not a lobbyist. Even so, the South American communists seem to be getting real cozy with the incoming administrators. In Venezuela, “legitimacy” of a government depends on who you ask, so nobody minds the controversy surrounding Joe Biden’s selection. They just want to stay on the good side of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Follow the money

The citizens in Venezuela haven’t always been starving. That only happened since they went socialist under Nicolás Maduro. America is going socialist too but Imperial Leader Biden continues to insist that “oil” as a dirty word. With all the green new deal rhetoric, Venezuela decided to start spreading some green around of their own.


Before they get in trouble for it though, they had to update their filings to admit PDVSA is really a “foreign agent.” When they did, they admitted Wiss was on their payroll already, taking their money as fast as it could roll in, along with “scandal-tainted former Congressman” David Rivera.

On Thursday, PDVSA, the Venezuela owned and controlled oil company, admitted in SEC filings that their U.S. subsidiary PDV USA, registered in Delaware, started paying money to Marcia Wiss for the services of her law firm in March 2017. She was supposed to get $6 million for her advice.

That’s the same month they hired Florida RINO David Rivera as a consultant for $50 million. They paid Wiss monthly installments of $250,000 until April of 2018. That’s when they told her and Rivera to “bill PDVSA back in Caracas.” They still owed her half the money then but she insists she never billed or was paid by any foreign interests. Either she got stiffed for $3 million or they worked out other arrangements.


The only asset that the Socialist country has is oil. Because of Donald Trump and his deplorable sanctions, they can’t sell it and ran out of money years ago.

Biden is supposed to be totally under the orders of the Open Societies Foundations but he’s pressured by the radicals in his regime to crush fossil fuels into the dust of history. Venezuela is hoping they might be able to buy enough influence to get the sanctions lifted.


Uncovering corrupt dealings

Now that the U.S. subsidiary is under new management, which is the result of opposition leader Juan Guaidó getting the nod as “legitimate” leader of Venezuela, not the Socialist Maduro who likes to steal elections, PDV USA updated their paperwork.

On Thursday, as reported, “The PDVSA subsidiary also took the unusual step of registering retroactively as a foreign agent.” They also revealed the money they paid to Rivera, Wiss, and a third vendor.

Allies of the Guaidó government have been working side by side with the U.S. Department of Justice “to uncover any corrupt dealings at another wholly owned PDVSA subsidiary.”

For years Citgo, based in Houston, has “operated as a cash cow for Venezuela’s ruling party,” gushing money by they billions for years. Citgo also recently has been trying to get Biden to clamp down on the Green New Deal nonsense.


Hoping that money will grease the skids a little toward “avoiding outright criticism of the new [alleged] U.S. president.” The socialists trickled “$500,000 to his inaugural committee through Citgo.”

After all, isn’t “share the wealth” a communist principle? Another interesting twist comes from the revelation that “PDVSA tried to recruit” Rep. Pete Sessions. They wanted him “to set up a meeting with the head of Exxon at the same time the oil giant’s former CEO Rex Tillerson was serving as Trump’s secretary of state.”

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