Breakthrough Infection Even After Receiving Both Vaccines…

The injections might get you a set of travel papers to be allowed on the street in public but won’t guarantee immunity from infection. The disease control experts are quick to tell the public how mindbogglingly effective the vaccine shots are but they downplay the reality of inevitable “breakthrough” cases. For every 10 people who had both shots, one will get infected anyway. Ginger Eatman learned that the hard way.

Get the infection anyway

Ginger Eatman proves that there are exceptions to every rule the medical community comes up with. She has some words of advice for those who think the vaccine shots are a magic bullet.

“People need to know that just because you have the two shots doesn’t mean that you’re free,” she warns. The 73-year-old IBM retiree living in Dallas, Georgia had both shots and got the infection anyway.

She was nervous at first but watched carefully as “thousands of Georgia healthcare workers get vaccinated” through December. When her turn came “I was ready,” she relates. Provided with the Pfizer version of the vaccine, she diligently obtained both shots.

“The first one was in January, and the second was February 17.” The experts all say that by two weeks following the second injection, the patient is “fully vaccinated.” That milestone went by for Ms. Eatman. Then, about a month after the second dose, she came down with symptoms of the infection. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time for her either, she laments.

The septuagenarian has a true passion for singing and performs regularly with the Georgia Festival Chorus. Her main purpose for getting the vaccination shots was to “make it easier and safer to perform.”

In general, that expectation is a reasonable one. Nobody ever expects to be the one the miracle drug isn’t effective on but it always happens. She got the infection anyway. They call that “breakthrough” in disease control language. Dr. Deep State, Anthony Fauci, is an expert on that.

Be super, super careful

Ms. Eatman felt “more protected” even though she knew intellectually that was an illusion. “I had certainly learned you have to be super, super, super careful, even after you’ve had your vaccinations.”

An entire month after the second shot, she noticed “a little bit of a scratchy throat,” which she attributed to pollen. Over the next two days it became a “full-blown sinus infection.” The hammer blow came when “she lost her sense of smell.” That meant time for a Covid-19 test. She flunked.

“I just about cried,” Ms. Eatman describes, “because we were going to be recording that night for the Georgia Festival Chorus, and that meant I couldn’t go.” Then the reality sunk in and it got “scary, because I didn’t know how sick I was going to get.”

When you turn on the TV, all you hear is that the research shows “Pfizer and Moderna vaccines offer a very high level of real-world protection.” They’re allowed to say that because after 2 weeks from the second dose, “the vaccines block 90%” of symptomatic infection. Nine out of ten are perfectly safe. The problem is that nobody knows which one will still be vulnerable.


Another problem, as explained by Dr. Fauci, is that the virus is mutating into new and improved forms. The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases explains that health officials pay really close attention to breakthrough infections. “You will see breakthrough infections in any vaccination when you’re vaccinating literally tens and tens and tens of millions of people.”

The most important part is to analyze the gene sequence to find out if the new infection is a mutant. “One of the important things that will be done and must be done is to sequence the genome of the virus that is the breakthrough virus. That will tell us whether fully vaccinated people are being infected by the circulating ‘wild’ type of the virus or the new variants.”

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