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Biden White House’s Plan to Put TikTok to Work For Him

A new report from Forbes just dropped a bombshell on the Biden administration.

The report found that the efforts to censor Americans went much further than we had initially thought.

In fact, it would seem like the Democrats were hoping to turn TikTok into their own little toy.

We Make the Calls

Now, TikTok has been on the radar since the Trump administration.

The difference, however, is that Trump wanted to ban the company, but Biden wanted to put it to work for him.

The report details how the Biden administration wanted to have the final say over things like hiring and certain policies.

After the report was published, more than a few equated to the power grabs that took place after 9/11 by the government thanks to the Patriot Act.

Now, Biden is already facing lawsuits on censorship, so I cannot imagine this is going to help his case.

Just consider what they wanted to do, though.

Democrats were hoping to basically manage TikTok, literally having the right to say what could and could not be published.

Now, that might be a pretty useful tool during an election, right?

Source: Forbes

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