Contradicting Wray’s Claims – New Evidence of Bias Against Catholics Uncovered by Lawmakers

Catholics Beware! Wray has been caught in a lie as Republican lawmakers recently uncovered evidence that multiple FBI offices were involved in an anti-Catholic memo.

This contradicts what FBI Director Christopher Wray had previously stated during his testimony before Congress. The memo in question was sent out to all of the agency’s 56 field offices in December 2018.

It warned agents to be wary of organizations and individuals with “ties to the Catholic Church.” The memo said these associations could be used by hostile foreign intelligence services as leverage against government employees and contractors.

When questioned about the memo, Director Wray denied any knowledge of its existence or how it came into being. But now, after further investigation, Republican lawmakers have found that multiple FBI offices were involved in creating and disseminating the controversial document.

This puts a damper on the trustworthiness of the Bureau’s leadership under Wray’s direction, especially considering his vehement denial during congressional questioning just a few months prior.

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are calling for an immediate investigation into this matter to determine who authorized such action against Catholics, one of America’s most prominent religious groups.

“Remember the FBI Richmond Field Office memo targeting Catholics as terrorists?” Jordan Jordan tweeted on the X- platform (formally known as Twitter). “Director Wray testified that it was only ‘a single field office’ doing so. Well, a newly subpoenaed document shows otherwise. It looks like FBI Portland & FBI Los Angeles were also involved.”

They also want to know why Director Wray wasn’t aware of something so significant happening within the agency he leads. Conservatives are standing by their belief that this is yet another example of government overreach and bias against religious institutions by law enforcement agencies.

As they point out, if this can happen to people associated with Catholicism what else may be happening behind closed doors? It remains unclear at this time what will come from these recent developments but more information is expected soon as both parties continue their investigations into the issue at hand.

It will certainly be interesting to see how things unfold from here on out and how much more transparency we’ll get from our federal law enforcement entities going forward!

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