It would appear that the attack against Israel was the last straw for a lot of voters.

Biden’s approval rating is tanking worse than it has ever been.

The first polling post-war now has Biden at 58 percent disapproval.

It Gets Worse

One of the reasons that Biden’s approval rating is so low is because of his foreign policy.

Biden is only polling at 31 percent approval.

The shocking part of that is that Democrats are only at 66 percent approval.

Numbers were like that across the board, with Biden polling under 80 percent with Democrats in several key areas.

In fact, his approval rating with Democrats was only 81 percent, which is just horrific.

Generally speaking, a “bad” in-party approval rating would be under 93 percent.

Republican pollster Micah Roberts told CNBC stated, “You don’t get sub-40 approval ratings without losing large chunks of your base. And that’s what’s happening here.”

Democratic pollster Jay Campbell added, “You start to think that maybe they’ve run out of patience, and it’s starting to show through in their decreasing regard for the president.”

Finally, Americans are holding the man accountable who ruined this country and made the world a less safe place.

Source: CNBC

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