GOP Candidates Officially Leading in Runoff

GOP Candidates Officially Leading in Runoff

According to a Trafalgar Group survey released November 18 shows that GOP Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are leading their Democrat opponents in Georgia’s Senate runoff.

The survey was taken December 14-16, and showed Loeffler leading Raphael Warnock 52.2 percent to 45.5 percent. Perdue is leading 50.2 percent to 47.5 percent against Jon Ossoff. Both figures include respondents who are “leaning” toward the candidates as well.

Both leads are outside the survey’s +/- 2.3 percent margin of error.


Since the last survey, Loeffler has expanded her lead over Warnock, who she has labeled as a “radical liberal,” from 3.1 percent to 6.7 percent. Perdue has also improved, as Ossoff was previously leading by 0.3 percent.

Robert C. Cahaly, Chief pollster for the Trafalgar Group, shared the poll results on Twitter:


The survey also found that approximately two percent of respondents are still undecided in both races.

Senator Kamala Harris is expected to begin campaigning in Georgia for Ossoff and Warnock next week, while Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden began campaigning a few days ago.

“It’s time to stand up, take back our democracy. Send me these two men, and we will control the Senate, and we will change the lives of the people in Georgia,” Biden said during a stop in Georgia on December 15.

“I need two senators from this state if I want to get something done, not two senators who are going to get in the way, because, look, getting nothing just hurts Georgia,” he added.

If Democrats win both races, the Senate would be split between the two parties 50-50, with the vice president breaking the tie. If Biden also wins, Kamala Harris will be the tie breaker, giving Democrats control of all three branches of government.

The GOP need to win at least one of the races to maintain a slim majority in the Senate, which could slow down Democrat policy changes if Biden is elected.

  1. GOP leading – s that’s why Georgia’s secretary of state is determined to use the Dominion voting machines in the Run off
    What’s the betting money that in Truth Donald Trump got 80% of the actual vote?

  2. Looking good to me! Im in NC but I have donated 700 bucks to Loffler and Perdue – Long live the republic!

  3. I hate to see articles like this come out ahead of an election because it might cause some voters to not show up and vote because their candidate is leading. I am sure this article did not factor in the very corrupt Democrat Party and their helpers (governor Kemp and SOS Brad Raffensperger). Remember, these two people allowed Stacey Abrams to violate the Georgia Constitution and harvest ballots. They looked the other way when she went to old folks homes, hospitals, insane asylums, and prisons, and completed ballots for each occupant listing Biden/Harris. These two criminals also allowed Dominion software to be used to tally the votes in Georgia when they knew the software was used in Venezuela to steal the election for Manduro. Allah! The software was able to take the huge lead President Trump had on Nov 3rd and change it into a lead by Biden. These weasels allowed dead people to vote, underage people to vote, criminals without voting rights to vote, and vote counters to close down the counting process, and when everyone left, they pulled suitcases with ballots from under a table, with a cloth covering it, and started counting again without monitors. This my friends is voter fraud; clear and simple.

  4. They had better watch out as the dems are prepared with a winning plan to stuff the ballot boxes. They know how to program the voting machines and aren’t afraid to do it. The signatures on the mail in ballots are the key as are the machines that give an extra percentage of a vote to the one that paid for it.

  5. They are leading but Georgia intends to use the same vote changing Dominion Voting system – so whats the point unless its a hand count with an ongoing supervised up-close verification audit?

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