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Former Hollywood Elite REDUCED To Living On Los Angeles Streets

The journey that the folks that are in the public light for any amount of time in their lives often take turns that are completely and totally unexpected.

Take the case of the actor some years ago who was a regular cast member on The Cosby Show when that show was at its peak. The actor in question was seen working at a grocery store in between acting jobs a few years ago.

That’s the thing with fame, it can come and go in the same week in some respects. One minute you might be on top of the world and in the next you are quite literally living next to a dumpster.

Which brings us to the insanely sad case of Loni Willison.

In addition to her work as model, Willison was also married to a man named Jeremy Jackson who was a regular on the show Baywatch. However, their marriage was short-lived due to abuse Willison claims that she suffered at the hands of Jackson.

This started a downward spiral for Willison and starting sometime around 2016 was seen living on the streets. As recently as this writing, Willison can still be spotted living on the streets in Los Angeles.

A few years ago, Loni began experimenting with drugs, most notably crystal meth. As happens with most addicts, her life went out of control and became a complete and total mess.

The apex of her meth addiction and mental health issues collided with her losing a significant source of income which would shatter pretty much anyone, let alone someone that had been making money off of her looks for so many years.

Most recently she was seen on the streets of Los Angeles looking absolutely nothing like the way that she looked in her heyday.

The peculiar thing about this whole situation is that Loni seems to be content with her present situation. In an interview she gave a couple of years ago, she mentioned that she hadn’t spoken with anyone from her old life.

Now, I am sure that there are people who care for her and want to help her clean up. Sure, you can’t go back to the way things were but a person can always try to get back to the best possible spot you can be at.

It also shows that we as people need to be as happy with ourselves on the inside as much if not more than we are on the inside.

At least then when something goes wrong in our lives we have something to fall back on instead of turning to drugs…

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