ANTIFA Hides Behind Police Officers…Trump Motorcade Drive By Sparks ERUPTION of Cheers

With well over a million people in attendance to validate their faith in President Donald Trump, Antifa types weren’t very boisterous in Washington D.C. on Saturday. As much as they hate the police, they sure relied on them for protection.

One of the highlights of the day was when President’s motorcade made it’s way through the wildly cheering crowd, looping around so everyone could get a good look at a proud president waving thumbs up.


President Donald Trump draws a sea of deplorables

A red, white and blue sea of patriotic deplorables flooded the streets surrounding the White House to show unwavering support for President Donald Trump. The Million MAGA March was a huge success and the following “Stop the Steal” rally went just as well.

Considering the way they were seriously outnumbered, along with the large and visible police presence, Antifa inspired progressives generally behaved themselves. For the most part, frightened and terrified Black Lives Matter battalions “cowered behind a line of police in riot gear, who formed a human shield to keep the groups apart.”


At one point late in the afternoon, a scuffle broke out at the edge of the crowd as “Black-clad members” of the Antifa splinter faction Refuse Fascism tried to peacefully shove their way into the mass of Trump supporters and got into a heated shouting match with them. “Punches were exchanged” and a little tear gas broke it up.


The patriots cleverly used their sign poles to push and herd the rowdy anarchists toward the police, rather than engaging with them directly. After the main Stop the Steal rally, Trump loving patriots “headed to a second rally site outside the Supreme Court.” There, innocent and peaceful Antifa troops “waited behind a large hot-pink banner that read, ‘Punch MAGA in the Face.'” They were chanting “We won!” following the Saul Alinsky principle of repeating a lie enough times for it to be believed.

Thou shalt not steal!

President Donald Trump made an appearance at Freedom Plaza. Around 10:00 a.m. his motorcade “looped around a crowd of hundreds of early birds, some lofting signs reading ‘Thou shalt not steal’ who whooped and chanted ‘Four more years!'” More than 300,000 patriots joined the “Stop the Steal” organizing group on Facebook before it was censored out of existence.

The park service doesn’t want Americans to know exactly how many people were there to directly support President Donald Trump and all he stands for, so they refused to issue a crowd estimate. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany didn’t mind telling everyone on Twitter that “More than one MILLION marchers…descend[ed] on the swamp.”

President Trump also tweeted out his appreciation. “Hundreds of thousands of people showing their support in D.C., They will not stand for a Rigged and Corrupt Election!” The Metropolitan Police Department said it arrested 10 people for a variety of reasons ranging from Firearm Violations, assault, Assault on a Police Officer, to no permit. Federal police arrested another for assault.

  1. Keep it up! Keep it up! But do so peacefully! President Trump has been wronged and Biden told us ahead of time about the fraud that was planned. I heard him say it and I have the picture with him saying it printed on the picture. This fraud was planned by Biden team.

  2. Thanks for the truth on what really happened in D.C. Really would like to get a story on the raid on the company in Germany supplying voting machines. The story coming out is it was raided. Can you confirm that and what has happened with that infkrmation.

  3. Thank you to all the freedom loving patriots. I so wish I was there with you!! Our wonderful President is up against very nefarious people. The communists are aligned and we must be also~~~

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