Election Data Team to Spot Check 1.25mil Voter ‘Anomalies’

An election data team has stepped up to spot check one of the glaring election “anomalies” which occurred this year, calling 1.25 Million alleged voters to ask them if they illegally cast a ballot after moving out of state, or if someone illegally cast one for them.

Putting illegal voters on the spot

The idea was the brainchild of Matt Braynard, who formerly served as data and strategy director during the 2016 Trump election campaign. He was supposed to take his wife on vacation but considers his duty to the country and the Constitution far more important.

He rounded up his crew intending to “call 1.25 Million alleged voters.” The idea is to do at least a spot check survey to find out how illegal votes were injected into the system.

Volunteers will put voters on the spot over the telephone, asking a simple question. As Braynard explains, they “want to find out why some of them voted illegally if they moved out of state, or if someone voted in their name.”

He already “put together a team that will be calling voters whose vote appears to be questionable.”

Braynard makes it crystal clear they will not be randomly calling voters. “The calls will be made in cases such as when they had submitted paperwork that they moved out of state and are not eligible to vote.” There is a simple reason to put these people on the spot.

“Either they committed voter fraud or someone committed fraud in their name.” If it was widespread and organized, that would be an even bigger crime. Election fraud.

Do we have laws or not?

One of the things that made him suspicious were the numbers coming out of the state of Georgia. There, his “team found 17,877 early or absentee voters who had filed out-of-state move notices.”

That’s really significant because, “that is more than Biden leads Trump by in that state.” His little spot check could prove that “there are more fake votes than the margin of difference between the candidates.” Of course the whole thing depends on whether we still have laws or not.

The courts, Braynard insists will be the ones on the spot if the data he collects adds up the way he expects it to. It will be so compelling that the “courts will be forced to listen.” Meanwhile, Georgia is doing a hand recount.

The Georgia deadline to certify the election is November 20 so Braynard’s team only has a few days to start dialing AWOL voters. If they hit paydirt with compelling evidence, then they can ask for a stay while they continue checking.

The same problem is happening in other states, so a spot check should also be done in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Michigan. Another issue they uncovered without even looking for it popped up in Pennsylvania. There, they noticed that 631 people voted twice. In Nevada it was even worse, 987 people voted more than once.

“I’m surprised by how many out-of-state national changes of address we found. Because that does indicate very strongly that somebody established residency somewhere else.

And then they got mailed an absentee ballot, were able to get one, and they cast it. And in many cases, as we found, they not only cast that ballot, they cast a ballot in the new state they live in as well.”

No wonder the Harris-Biden campaign didn’t care about the size of their rallies. The spot light of glaring public transparency just caught them frolicking in premature victory celebration with their clothes off.

  1. The DEMs and their fraudulent votes!!! They should be arrested, tried, hung (I mean imprisoned!!) for their dastardly deeds. They think they have really pulled one over on the American people. But we have been on to them for a very long time. far too long!!! We need to get this issue resolved and then be sure they are severely punished for their latest efforts to interfere with the 2020 election. These are criminal activities and they should be dealt with. Of course President Trump will remain in office, BUT they deserve a swift and severe punishment. There are probably a few good Democrats within the party, BUT the most of them are evil and wily!!! This is yet another reason they want to take over, and do away with our right to carry arms. They do not want us to have a shootout with them. It is perfectly legal and it is called “picking up arms against a crazy government”. Crazy is my word (this was the nicest word I could think of for these evil, corrupt people. We need to get all of these people out of office (the best way to do this is to punish them (by going to prison for the rest of their lives) for this one think: criminal activities to interfere with their fraudulent voters!!! I think Obama, himself, is probably the ring leader is this nefarious action. The other thing, they are sick and tired, and afraid of the corruption that has already been exposed about them. AND they want no further investigation into their past activities.

  2. We all knew this, months before the election. But we must PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt, to a hostile, Obama-appointed judge, that said fraud did happen. In some cases we must PROVE that proven voter fraud or election fraud flipped or created enough votes to change the outcome of an election. In MOST cases we must get our petition for redress of grievances past Deep State gatekeepers who inadvertently misplace our original evidence that documents fraud. In EVERY case, the common people, who have no money to spare, must ante up thousands of dollars to pursue criminal prosecution of fraud by bad actors, who so often have pro bono legal representation from the ACLU or Democrat—Communist lawyers’ groups, promised to the fraudsters in advance in case they are caught and tried for felony fraud.

  3. It appears that there are people in power who decided they are more powerful than the U.S. Constitution. What worries me more are those elected and appointed officials who are apathetic to what is occurring in this election. The DOJ, the FBI, the CIA (totally silent), Homeland Security, etc. should all be investigating what has been occurring before and now after this election. The majority of the Republican Party are sitting on their hands and allowing President Trump to be railroaded by the Left. It was encouraging to see those who went to D.C. and let our voices be heard.

  4. Nothing needs to be said, the corrupt swamp bat democratic vampire party says it all everytime they open their blood thirsty mouths. They are evil, corrupt lying, greedy pathetic parasites. The only thing they are interested in is power and money.

  5. The states where fraud may have taken place believe they are doing a favor by doing a recount. I don’t personally see how a recount alone would accomplish anything. After all, you get ballots to count and many of those ballots are not legal. Counting these same ballots again by hand accomplishes nothing-whether fake ballot are counted by machine or by hand, the result should be very close to the same. Now, if people went through the ballots and confirmed they were legal, then a recount would be worthwhile. It kind of irritates me that before the election, Democrat criminals described exactly how mail-in ballot cheating was accomplished and yet the Republicans did nothing to detect or minimize the kind of fraud being described. When will Americans catch on to the idea that if people say they are criminals-believe them.

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