Ilhan Omar Was Just Caught Red Handed…This Time There is NO Denying It

Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar has been channeling hundreds of thousands of dollars to her husband’s business and has been caught red-handed.

Omar Keeps Digging Herself a Bigger Corruption Hole

The Muslim congresswoman has been a vocal critic of President Trump, has made anti-Semitic comments, and embraces socialist ideologies. This latest embroilment she’s engaged in involves her new husband, who she married in March, just a few months after the pair were accused of having an affair, which Omar denied.

Campaign data shows the firm that employed Omar’s husband, Tim Mynett, received a whopping $189,000 weeks after they married.


In 2019, Mynett’s then-wife made an allegation in her divorce filing that Ilhan Omar was having an affair with Mynett, a member of her political consulting team. This started an ethics complaint and the rumors of the relationship ended up being true. Both Omar and Mynett were married to other people at the time.

Federal Election Commission filings show Mynett’s firm, E Street Group, collected $292,814.99 in 2020 from Omar’s political campaign. The money allegedly went towards fundraising consulting, digital advertising and research services.

Altogether, Mynett had gotten a staggering $878,903.65 since 2018 when he began working for Omar’s campaign.


The Right Calls Her Out, But the Media Ignores the Truth

Conservatives and watchdog groups have continuously called out Omar’s mounting questionable activities.

Evidence has pointed to Ilhan Omar potentially having married her own brother in 2009 in order for him to get a green card and live in America. Now there are reports that she inappropriately gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to her new husband, who used to be a staff member of hers—definitely more than enough to look into the Somali-born lawmaker’s dealings.

Open Secrets data shows Omar as being E Street Group’s most significant client by far. Shockingly, it also sheds light on that almost one in every three of Omar’s campaign dollars went to her now husband’s firm as of last August, the Washington Examiner reports.

Do you ever hear Democrat politicians or the liberal mainstream media talk about these outrageous actions? The answer is no.

Political Experts Weigh In

While it is not illegal for family members or spouses to work on political campaigns, several political experts told The New York Post that they believe it should be.

“It should not be allowed,” said attorney Richard W. Painter, who served as chief ethics lawyer in the George W. Bush White House. “I think it’s a horrible idea to allow it, given the amount of money that goes into these campaigns from special interests.”

Painter now works as a professor at the University of Minnesota’s Law School, which happens to be in Omar’s hometown. He said the unfairness of politicians with celebrity statuses has the ability to bolster their families’ bank accounts because they bring in millions of campaign dollars.

A Real Quid Pro Quo

“We already have enough problems with gifts to campaigns as a quid pro quo for political action,” he continued.

The New York Post reports:

“The federal anti-nepotism statute of the 1960s prohibits members of Congress from hiring relatives in government jobs, but this does not apply to campaign roles, Painter said. The loophole has allowed many lawmakers such as Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) and Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) to hire their wives to work on their campaigns, as noted by Open Secrets, which provides decades worth of examples.”

  1. Wouldn’t RICO LAWS Apply for Omar since she illegally funded her Husband’s Firm with Campaign Monies ?

  2. You start out in politics with practically nothing. With in the first term all your networking has kicked in and the money is flowing into your campaign war chest! Now, there are very specific laws and regs. that is supposed to be followed, BUT the corrupt have found ways to work around those pesky LAWS! Take a look at the freshman congress (individual) better known as AOC. She began her 1st term by crying she couldn’t even afford an apartment in DC. Today as her 1st term ends she is living the HIGH LIFE and hobnobbing with the ELITE communist leader democrats. She went from bartender pay to 174,000 congressional pay and 2 years later her net worth is better than 1.4 million?

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