Attorney Jenna Ellis Doesn’t Back Down

Team Trump attorney Jenna Ellis isn’t afraid of the media, during a recent press conference, when she got her chance up in front of reporters she didn’t back down. Instead, she got right up in their faces. If they weren’t reporters she would “strike” them.

Jenna Ellis gets rough with reporters

During a contentious press conference Thursday, headed by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, legal eagle Jenna Ellis had her turn at the microphone. Reporters tried to heckle her with tricky questions but she wasn’t about to stand for it. In the courtroom, they have standards. “We go through a jury process.” The press on the other hand “is the court of public opinion.”

Ellis went totally on the offensive, reminding reporters that “that they are journalists, not jurors.” They’re lucky for that too, she warns. “If they were, she’d have 99% of them disqualified because of their bias.” She argued that she has more than enough evidence from “the fake news coverage you provide.” Not only that, “because they’re not judges, their opinions don’t matter.”


The way Ellis phrased it was, “We go through a jury process – this is the court of public opinion, right now. We are not trying our case in the court of public opinion. Because, if we were, we would get unbiased jurors. I would strike 99% of you from the jury – and, I would be allowed to because of the fake news coverage you provide.”

Your opinion doesn’t matter

After the legal team clearly spelled out specific and direct evidence backed up by affidavits making them admissible in court as “direct” evidence, not just the circumstantial kind, the press continued to ignore what they were hearing and asking for examples of “evidence.” That’s what made Ellis go off. “You are not unbiased jurors and until you step out of your role as a journalist and actually go into a courtroom and you are a judge on a bench that has sworn an oath to be unbiased in our separation of powers, then your opinion doesn’t matter.”

The reporters weren’t even following their own ethical standards. Ellis reminded them that they don’t even “adhere to journalistic standards by reporting facts, not opinion, and by covering the evidence.” The facts, she scolded, “matter, the truth matters and if you are fair reporters, you will cover that fairly and appropriately and you will allow coverage of our media team here and of our legal team.”


It is “is absolutely shocking” to Ms. Ellis that “all you cover are around-the-margins.” She went on to add, “If you are not willing to talk about the evidence that has been presented, then that is absolutely unacceptable for journalistic standards.” Patriotic Americans are convinced that President Donald Trump won his re-election in a landslide, no matter what the biased liberal media tries to report.

  1. Absolute truth from this lawyer. Media and libs are turning MY country into a fourth world dictatorship with bought journalists and judges and threats to families and free people.

  2. Opinion is not law. Only the court of law can declare law.

    The court of law is the proper forum to produce evidence.

    The court has already ruled that “just because there’s no evidence of fraud, it does not mean the possibility does not exist”.

    The court of public opinion, not confined to the media, is only about cases in the court of law.

    In the court of public opinion, the accused are considered guilty unless they can prove their innocence.

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