Mitt Romney Was Just Caught RED-HANDED

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) has been caught red-handed taking sizable donations from globalist influencer billionaire George Soros‘ organization.

Romney’s Soros Ties Run Deep 

According to, financial records revealed that Romney welcomed a minimum of $17,500 from Soros Fund Management, a radical left-wing agenda operation funded by Soros.

Those were just the donations made public, so it’s possible there could be more money on Romney’s Soros-backed payroll.


Soros is a substantial contributor to organizations and politicians supporting open-borders, and an anti-America influencer. He has donated millions to several left-wing radical groups, such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), National Immigration Law Center, the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and several other places. 

Romney’s ties to the elite billionaire go back years, with Soros claiming in 2012 that he saw little difference between Romney and former-President Barack Obama.

During the 2012 presidential election, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called out Romney for being backed by Soros.


“George Soros in Europe yesterday said publicly in a Reuters interview that’s on video that he’s perfectly happy with either Obama or Romney, that they are the same people,” Gingrich stated in 2012 while on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

Gingrich was citing a taped interview that Soros had done with Reuters, where he said: “If it’s between Obama and Romney, there isn’t all that much difference except for the crowd that they bring with them.”

Disturbing Financial Contributors Involve Obama

Romney’s disturbing money ties don’t end there. Obama’s most significant fundraiser was Goldman Sachs –  coincidentally, employees of the leading investment bank firm also donated to Romney’s campaign.

“Goldman Sachs: largest fundraiser of Obama in 2008, largest funder of Romney in 2012,” said Gingrich.

“I will certainly endorse the Republican nominee, but Mitt Romney will have a very difficult time differentiating himself, and that’s what George Soros’s message is this morning,” Gingrich added.

The Utah senator has made an array of choices that have left many Republicans critical of his allegiances. He has been an adamant and vocal critic of President Donald Trump and went as far as being the only Republican to vote in favor to impeach the president.

RINO Alert – Romney Takes on Trump

Could both John McCain and Mitt Romney have been plants to ensure Obama’s two consecutive presidential wins?

Some would call this a blatant conspiracy theory, but after looking back on the history of these two Trump-haters, some conservatives are concerned.

President Trump posted a video on Twitter sharing similar sentiments about Romney: “Slick, slippery, stealthy — Mitt Romney had us fooled. Posing as a Republican, he tried to infiltrate Trump’s administration as secretary of State. Now his cover is blown.”


When Romney is not taking money from Soros, he can be found taking aim at President Trump and marching with Black Lives Matter protestors.

Could Romney be laying the groundwork for another presidential run?

It’s too soon to say, but regardless, his past and current choices are enough for many on the right to be weary of his actions.

When you follow the money, you almost always find the truth. In Romney’s case, the truth does not bode well for him.

  1. Being the RINO he is, I wouldn’t put it past Romney to do something shady, underhanded, and corrupt…just like Democrats have been caught doing over and over again. And now being caught with his hand in the Soros cookie jar, I know he has sold his soul to satan.

    1. Free speech doesn’t give this POS the right to destroy this country by turning it into a George Soros Nazi Hell-Hole, both of these stacks of Vermin should be swinging side by side with a rope around their evil necks.

  2. Like we said before, this POS should never have been elected again to a political office. He is rotten to the core, cannot be trusted, and we cannot understand how Utah put that kind of a creep in the Senate!

  3. It is not unlikely that both McCain and Benedict Romney were bought by Soros ta have a Fake match against Hussein, predestined losers!
    Lindsey were Best Buddy with McCain,
    that raises some serious questions…
    Is he a Cameleon, he got Cavanaugh approved, what else so far?

  4. Romney obviously would do anything for money , but to sell out our country to the devil ? May he rot in Hell for that one !!!

  5. I will confess that I had a Romney bumper sticker on my car for years, mainly to show the world I didn’t vote for BHO. Once he got in the Senate and revealed his true colors, I ripped it off as fast as I could. He really is a plastic phony and I hope the good folks of Utah cast him adrift as soon as they can!!

  6. Mittens is so filled with hate for Trump he turns to Leftist evil to “get” him. Not only is he a false Republican he’s also a fake Christian.

  7. Utah has got to remember this guy and get him OUT asap. He is nothing more than a Democrat plant and he is not the only one. We need to identify them and get them out asap. We have enough problems without our own party trying to take us down.

  8. Romney is a fraud. He portrays himself a righteous Mormon concerned about always doing what is right. He’s no better than other swamp feeders.

  9. Mitt Romney is the RARE EXCEPTION and EMBARRASSMENT to the Morman faith. The vast majority of Mormans are terrific people. Mitt Romney and Harry Reid are two of the TRULY EVIL people that claim to be Mormons. They are just two unprincipled PUNKS!

  10. Romney’s intentions? I suppose that might be better assessed by revealing which pocket……
    front or back? Sorry for digressing, I just remembered some old but persistent gossip.

    Romney is an insult anyone of honor and decency.
    Romney worships Romney…. first, last and always.

  11. Romney has always been a warped SOB , can’t ever be trusted , being with no honesty or integrity , bought & paid for complicit criminal of the left , especially soros . The amounts shown in the “” are minimal amounts for tax & other criminal caused purposes only.

  12. I can’t believe i actually voted for this MFER. The only non-deep state candidate i ever voted for was Trump and I have voted in every election since 1972. all PD (pre-donald) candidates were assholes…

  13. When Romney voted to impeach President Trump he left no doubt his allegiance was to the DNC. His continual combative responses to President Trump’s policies have left no doubt his agenda was not just being disgruntled that he lost in his attempt for the Presidency, but he has a much larger goal in taking down our constitutional government. Like many of the non-reactive responses by the RNC, I am wondering why they don’t impeach Romney for his lack of allegiance to the American people and misrepresenting himself as a Republican? As I grow older but wiser to the goings-on in our government, I am seeing that allegiance to either party puts Patriots in a quandary as who to support. President Trump has sided in his lifetime with both parties, but in his 2016 campaign he vowed to “Drain the Swamp” of those who do not represent the American people. He is finding he is getting hit from both sides so it is slowing him down to accomplish his goal of Making America Great Again. He has awakened those of us who were hoodwinked into believing our elected officials were representing us constitutionally. We need to get a bigger hose and drain the swamp as quickly as we can!

  14. History tells us that the globalist elite finance both sides of a conflict hedging their bets it’s a win win for them & humanity has fallen victim over & over again !

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