Evidence has finally emerged that proves what conservatives already assumed to be true: that Antifa and Black Lives Matter took part in the storming of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on January 6.

The riot, blamed solely on Trump supporters by the mainstream media and the Democrats, was filmed by many people inside the building — including John Earle Sullivan, the leader of Insurgence USA and a supporter of BLM and Antifa.

Sullivan was arrested on January 14 in Provo, Utah, and is facing several charges, including civil disorder, violent entry, and disorderly conduct.

He was previously arrested in Utah on July 13 for rioting and criminal mischief, due to his actions at a protest on June 30, 2020 in which a civilian was shot and injured.

CBS News anchor David Begnaud shared the news on Twitter, writing: “John Earle Sullivan of UT, leader of Insurgence USA, through which he organizes protests. Prosecutors says he was the Capitol riot leading a chant: ‘it’s time for a revolution.’ Video shows him say: ‘we about to burn this shit down…we got to rip Trump out of office.'”

Sullivan was arrested after he was caught on video instigating violence during the storming of the Capitol building, and admitting that he disguised himself as a Trump supporter during the protest.

“I’m gonna wear a Trump hat, I’m gonna wear a Trump hat. I bought one today, I was wearing a Trump hat at the last rally during the day time,” Sullivan said.

The activist somehow did not expect to be caught, despite the fact that he filmed himself during the riot, and posted it online. He was even caught in his own video breaking a window and cheering on the chaos.

“Oh yeah I was just ‘a journalist,’” Sullivan stated in a video he recorded of himself. “But I use that all the time: ‘Yeah I’m just a journalist, I’m here recording, I got my camera on my shoulder.’”

Sullivan even appeared on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” to discuss the storming of the Capitol building. The affidavit for his arrest mentions this: “Subsequent to the events at the U.S. Capitol, SULLIVAN provided interviews to various news outlets including CNN and ABC’s Good Morning America program.”

Apparently, mainstream media outlets like CNN don’t do much research on people before they invite them on their shows.


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