Another BLM Leader Has Been Arrested, HERE is What Happened

Another BLM Leader Has Been Arrested, HERE is What Happened

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) leader has been arrested after lying to the police during a murder investigation. To anyone paying attention, it’s no surprise that a member of BLM is connected to a violent act, since the terrorist organization has been committing violence in the streets all across the United States for over a year now. But this recent murder was supposedly unrelated to the organization.

After it was discovered that Mazin M. Mohamedali, 20, lied to the police about a murder that occurred in his apartment, he is now facing a charge of accessory after the fact.

According to police, Mohamedali, who is also the leader of a racial justice group known as the Iowa Freedom Riders, was aware of the fact that Quincy Russom, 19, was murdered inside his Iowa apartment on February 12 during an alleged robbery. Police say that Mohamedali refused to call 911 immediately after the incident.

The Washington Examiner reported on the incident, noting that “Police also said that he gave false descriptions of people involved with Russom’s death, lied during questioning, and withheld information that would have more quickly led them to the suspect behind the killing, Sammy Hamed.”

A criminal complaint related to the incident claims that Mohamedali also deleted his call history and Snapchat from his phone.

The BLM leader was also arrested after the killing, when police obtained a search warrant for his apartment. Upon searching his home, officers found dozens of ecstasy pills and 56.13 grams of marijuana. Mohamedali is expected to face trial for those charges on August 24.

But his criminal history doesn’t stop there. Mohamedali was arrested during the BLM riots last summer when a $5,000 fence protecting the Old Capitol Museum in Iowa City was torn down. He was facing six charges from the incident, but ended up pleading guilty to just one misdemeanor.

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