HUNDREDS of 2020 Absentee Ballots Discovered in Storage Unit

Evidence is now coming out that proves what we all suspected: Voting fraud is not just a right-wing conspiracy theory. Michigan police are now investigating the discovery of hundreds of absentee voting ballots in a storage unit in Thetford, Michigan.

Local Michigan news outlet, WWMT reported that Rachel Stanke, the Thetford Township Supervisor, alerted the Michigan state police in 2022 about potential voter fraud. Her concern was over the possibility of absentee ballots being stored improperly.

The Michigan State Police launched an investigation after being alerted by Stanke. They discovered close to 300 absentee ballots inside a storage unit.

Stanke filed a FOIA request to the Michigan State Police after never hearing back from them when she asked for information about the investigation.

Stanke’s FOIA request was granted by the Police. Their report to her revealed that 289 ballots were discovered inside a storage unit “that was rented by a former township employee whose name has been redacted.”

The investigation by the Michigan State Police is still ongoing as they try to discover how the ballots got there.

 WWMT reported:

A township supervisor in Genesee County is talking about hundreds of absentee ballots that were found in a storage unit. The ballots were from the 2020 election, according to Rachel Stanke, the Thetford Township Supervisor. Stanke says she alerted Michigan State Police.

“289 absentee ballots were found in a storage unit and downtown Clio,” says Stanke. She tells Mid-Michigan NOW that she first learned about the possibility of ballots found in a box back in 2021. At the time, she says she alerted the Michigan Attorney General’s Office and the Secretary of State’s Office, she later found out she needed to contact Michigan State Police. Michigan State Police recovered the ballots in the storage unit in August 2022.

Several months ago, Stanke filed a Freedom of Information Act request for details regarding this investigation. Her request was approved through MSP. Stanke says the storage unit was one that was rented by a former township employee whose name has been redacted from the FOIA paperwork.

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