THESE Senate Races Could Determine the Next 4 Years

While much of Americans focus is on the race between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, several close Senate races will determine which party takes power.

Senate Seats Up for Grab

Right now Republicans have the majority in the U.S. Senate but there are several toss-up races this year that will determine whether the GOP retains power or if the Democrats will clutch this part of the legislative branch.

All the Democrats need is to gain three seats in order to take the Senate majority if Biden wins the presidential race. If President Trump wins a second term, the left would need to take four seats. This is due to the fact that the vice president is the tiebreaker in the Senate.


The Republicans are up 53 to 47 currently, giving them a decent lead. However, some of the GOP members, such as Mitt Romney, are almost honorary Democrats at this point.

Key States to Watch For

Below are the key Senate races in this year’s elections.



In 2017, Democrat Doug Jones won a special election to fill the vacant seat of Jess Sessions after he went on the become President Trump’s attorney general. Jones barely beat the Republican candidate who was under scrutiny for sexual misconduct with underage girls. Jones is now up against a highly respected candidate, Tommy Tuberville, so Republicans are hoping to reclaim the seat.


Republican Senator Martha McSally barely won by three points in 2018. This year she is facing Democrat Mark Kelly who is a former astronaut and was married to a congresswoman. McSally is pro-Trump but the president only won the state by 3.5 points. Joe Biden is said to currently have a five-point lead over Trump in Arizona.


Republican Senator Cory Gardner is in a tight race with former radical Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper. Hickenlooper entered into the presidential primary race but quickly dropped out and then decided to run for Senate. Colorado is increasingly becoming very blue and Gardner is reported to be trailing his Democrat competitor.

The other states worth watching in terms of the Senate are Georgia, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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