Guerrilla Archbishop Gets Church Trial for Religious Insurrection

It seems that “guerrilla” Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò went too far by calling for Joe Biden’s excommunication. As related by Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, Viganò faces a church trial “before the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.” They might as well call it the department of the witch smeller. He’s been charged with the religious version of insurrection. Under “canon” law, they call it “schism.” It’s one step below heresy.

Archbishop persecuted for faith

It’s clear for all to see, Catholic, Christian, or otherwise, that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is being persecuted for his conservative faith and family values. The bigger abomination is that the church itself is the demonic entity putting him on the rack.

The call for Biden’s excommunication, when Joe declared Easter Sunday Transgender Visibility Day, is only the latest in a long history of Viganò’s controversial statements. He’s the only one who dares to question the authority of alleged Pope Francis.

The 83-year-old ultra conservative Archbishop “is a big critic of the Argentine pontiff.” He continues to call him by his birth name, Bergoglio, as a snub. For starters, he’s convinced the false pope “was part of a ‘cover-up‘ involving former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

Viganò also criticized Francis “for opening up to gays and remarried divorcés while bemoaning unfettered capitalism and climate change.

Some of Viganò’s letters “went public in the Vatileaks scandal.” Not only is he an archbishop, he used to be Apostolic Nuncio to the United States and during his explosive career was “moved from a previous role as governor of the Vatican city state for clamping down on corruption.

The Vatican doesn’t like that one bit. Viganò “has taken some attitudes and some actions for which he must answer,” Parolin declared in a statement to the press.

As related by Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, Viganò faces a church trial.

Viganò refuses to cooperate

On Thursday, June 20, the Archbishop announced through his intermediaries that he faces an “extrajudicial penal process” for “public statements which result in a denial of the elements necessary to maintain communion with the Catholic Church; denial of the legitimacy of Pope Francis; a rupture of communion with him; and rejection of the Second Vatican Council.

He expected that sooner or later. “It’s no accident that they regard his calling into question the legitimacy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the rejection of Vatican II” as schismatic.

I consider the accusations against me an honor,” Archbishop Viganò replies. The Second Vatican Council was a joke. It created nothing but an “ideological, theological, moral, and liturgical cancer,” of which “the Synodal Church” is a “metastasis.” Between 1962 and 1965, Vatican Two “ushered in liberal reforms in the Church.

He has “no intention” of submitting himself “to a show trial in which those who are supposed to judge me impartially in order to defend Catholic orthodoxy are at the same time those whom I accuse of heresy, treason, and abuse of power.

The Archbishop was quick to release an official statement clarifying, “that he does not intend to cooperate in any way in the extrajudicial trial.” He “does not recognize” the “authority of the dicastery or of its prefect or of Pope Francis, who appointed him.

He specifically mentioned, “I therefore wish to make it clear that I did not go to the Vatican yesterday [June 20], and that I have no intention of going to the Holy Office on June 28, and that I have not delivered any statement or document in my defense to the Dicastery.” Cardinal Fernández and “the one who appointed him” can both go to Hell, where they belong.

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