If you read only the initial mainstream media reports about Garrett James Smith you might be led to believe that he is a militant Trump supporter plotting violence against federal agents. In fact, Smith is an Antifa activist who was caught lurking around a crowd holding a rally in support of someone arrested in connection to January 6 on the anniversary last month. In his backpack, he carried a homemade pipe bomb which was ready for use.

Caught with a pipe bomb and Antifa gear

Despite apparently plotting a terrorist attack, the Antifa supporter is currently free. Smith didn’t even need to post bail before he was released.

That indicates how seriously the authorities take terrorist activity when it is being directed against the right. He faces four charges but is not being held for any of them at the moment.

The 22-year-old was arrested on January 6, 2022 following a brief chase. Officers had noticed that Smith was prowling around the outskirts of the crowd and dressed in all black.

With his backpack and ski mask, he certainly didn’t do much to avoid looking suspicious. Police found no shortage of evidence when they searched that backpack.

The homemade pipe bomb he was carrying had the potential to do real damage if Smith set it off in the crowd; Sheriff Bob Gualtieri is convinced that he was preparing to do just that when officers apprehended him.

He was also carrying a helmet decorated with a common Antifa logo and a handwritten “direct action checklist” listing the items he would need for the apparent attack.


Not being taken very seriously

Smith is now charged with making and possessing a destructive device and with loitering. Police found more evidence pointing to a planned attack when they searched his home.

He has no previous criminal record and no known social media presence. Until recently he had been residing in Portland, which has seen constant Antifa-associated unrest since 2020.

The suspect has apparently not elaborated much on his motivations or plans but it isn’t hard to guess what he meant to do before he was caught.

The rally was being held to call for the release of Jeremy Brown, a former special forces soldier currently jailed for being seen in the Capitol on January 6.

There’s no suggestion that Brown was planning to attack anyone or that he intended to carry out a deadly terrorist attack.

Of course, in the eyes of the authorities Jeremy Brown is a much greater threat to public safety than is a far-left extremist caught almost in the act.

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