GOP Scores HUGE Win after Judges Put a STOP to All the Democrat Nonsense

The GOP scored a huge win on Friday when the New York Supreme Court handed the 22nd Congressional District to Republican Claudia Tenney. The high court had to put an immediate stop to the efforts of a rogue Democrat lawyer who kept hallucinating that Dominion Voting Machines swapped votes away from his hysterical client. “That’s nonsense,” liberals claim. Anthony Brindisi has come so unhinged that he sounds like Donald Trump.

Democrat goes down in flames

Democrat candidate Anthony Brindisi is howling mad over the outcome of this election cycle’s final battle. He’s extremely “mad” as in “angry” but his colleagues think he’s “insane.” When the music stopped the last seat went to his Republican challenger. His attorney, high-profile Clinton family fixer Marc Elias, has been added to the “it wasn’t suicide” watch list.


He keeps babbling nonsense about how Dominion Voting Systems equipment somehow magically switched votes away from his client. That’s ridiculous, the New World Order declares. This was the fairest and most secure election in history so don’t even dare to question the integrity. Besides, why would Dominion switch votes away from a progressive?

On Friday, after weeks of courtroom drama, the New York Supreme Court ordered all eight counties to certify the election results in favor of Claudia Tenney. The GOP elephant is doing handstands.

The so called “Republican” party is “now up 12 seats from where they were previously.” That’s good news. It paves the way “for them to make a full-scale comeback” in 2022. If they get back to their small government, fiscal responsibility and nationalist roots that is. Tenney won with only 109 more votes than the Democrat.


Part of the problem is that Brindisi is a rare “moderate” Democrat In Name Only DINO. The DNC never blinked an eye when they put the same lawyer responsible for hiring and paying Christopher Steele in charge of fighting election challenges for the DNC.

They were stunned when he started making bizarre accusations that the election was rigged. “What?” They screamed. “You can’t SAY that!”

Crush the rebellion quickly

Leftward tilted New York Times was furious because “following months of litigation and a series of twists and turns over how hundreds of contested ballots should be counted,” the ruling “will allow Ms. Tenney to return to Washington, where she established herself as a close ally of President Donald J. Trump.”

It simply had to be done. When Elias argued in court that the Dominion Voting Systems machines used in the contest switched votes away from his Democrat candidate, liberals went frantic trying to cover that up. The rebellion had to be crushed quickly, even if it meant losing the seat.

The Democrat traitor had done the unthinkable. “The Brindisi campaign has argued that several hundred ballots that were rejected should have been counted and it has signaled that it could appeal the election results.”

The Times also notes that “Mr. Brindisi could also seek recourse in the House of Representatives, which has the power to order a new election or recount in the race, and potentially unseat Ms. Tenney.”

The defeated Democrat was equally stunned by the ruling. “I am shocked and surprised by this decision because of the countless errors and discrepancies that have occurred throughout this initial count. I believe a full audit and hand recount is the only way to resolve this race.” He points out that 109 votes is nothing.

“With the margin so thin, the ever changing tally, and the countless errors that have occurred arriving at today’s final number we can’t afford to wonder here. We have to get it right.” Not only that, “this is not a raffle, this is a congressional election.” He won’t be getting good quotes on life insurance these days.

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