BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Heads To Jail, Dark Past Surfaces

Hunter Biden’s close office buddy, Devon Archer, is finally headed off to jail. He was sentenced on Monday to “a year and a day” behind bars in federal prison. It’s not much but conservatives are happy because it underscores that inky shadow of Deep State corruption and dirty dealing in secret which just won’t stop following Hunter around.

One partner in jail

Prosecutors and investigators went out of their way to shield Hunter Biden from the blowback in the Archer case. That doesn’t mean that the fertilizer won’t hit the fan someday. Archer was sentenced to jail on Monday, February 28, by Federal District Judge Ronnie Abrams after he was found guilty of “fraud in the handling of a $60 million bond offering.

He’s convicted of swindling Native Americans. When he wasn’t doing that, he kept Hunter company “as a fellow board member on Burisma Holdings, an Ukraine-based energy company.” They made a whole lot of money for doing not much. They got to play golf with the Big Guy though.

Burisma recently deleted the photo from their website but once they were really proud of the shot. Nobody seems to notice that Joe’s holding two clubs and Hunter has his hands in his pockets.

Conservatives falsely assumed that the other man in the photo is a Burisma Big-wig, that’s been debunked. It doesn’t take away from Archer and Hunter obviously throwing Dad’s weight around on the golf course. Jail may be in the future for more people in that photo.

Archer didn’t get much time in jail because the liberal judge ruled “the pandemic conditions in prison” were “extraordinarily difficult.” Nobody that golfs with the Biden’s can be subjected to harsh prison conditions. The judge also really screwed things up for the case against Hunter.

Abrams can’t deny that the lower court “abused her discretion in tossing out the verdict.” By handing down a lenient sentence, the judge took away the prosecution’s leverage in court. “The lower sentence may have practically undermined any interest of federal prosecutors to reach a cooperation deal with Abrams in their ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden.

Ripping off the tribe

Whether Archer was helping peddle access to Joe Biden or not, he certainly did defraud “a Native American tribal entity and various investment advisory clients.” He cheated them out of “tens of millions of dollars in connection with the issuance of bonds by the tribal entity and the subsequent sale of those bonds through fraudulent and deceptive means.” For that, he gets a year in jail.

He also has to pay it back. Archer was ordered “to forfeit $15,700,513 and to make restitution in the amount of $43,427,436.” Giving them back their own money really hurts. After he does another year on supervised probation, he’s free to defraud again.

A whole team of co-conspirators worked with Archer to con the Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation, described as “a Native American tribal entity,” to issue a series of bonds “through lies and misrepresentations.” Deceptively causing clients of asset management firms controlled by insiders “to purchase the Tribal Bonds, which the clients were then unable to redeem or sell because the bonds were illiquid and lacked a ready secondary market.


Archer and his cronies then cashed out “the proceeds resulting from those bond sales.” You’re supposed to go to jail for things like that. Usually for a long, long time. Only friends in high places keep you out of rat-infested hell-holes for decades. Archer’s friends didn’t get nearly as good a deal.

Jason Galanis, who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit securities fraud, securities fraud, and investment adviser fraud, “was sentenced to a term of 173 months.” That’s 14 and a half years.

Gary Hirst was sentenced to 7 years. John Galanis got 10 years. Compared to that hard time in federal jail, Devon Archer got a simple slap on the wrist and a stay at the country club.

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