Nikki Haley EXPLOSIVE Announcement

Nikki Haley EXPLOSIVE Announcement

If you haven’t already checked out PragerU, you should now. Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, was featured in a new video from PragerU, explaining why the United States should “double down” on capitalism instead of heading down the path to socialism.


Supporting Capitalism

According to Nikki Haley, capitalism “remains not just the best, but the only chance for the least fortunate in the world to make life better for themselves and their children.”

“And the more we see of capitalism’s rival, socialism, the more proof we have that capitalism is the way we want to go,” she continues.

Haley begins the video by discussing her upbringing. She talks about growing up “in South Carolina as the daughter of Indian immigrants,” and notes that her mother demonstrated “what it meant to live the American dream” through growing a successful business.

“As my mother’s story so vividly illustrates, America is a country where people can find jobs that match their talents and passions,” Haley says.

“Some Americans take this for granted. The rest of the world envies it,” she added.

Haley then discusses her time serving as governor of South Carolina, where she “marveled at capitalism’s power to improve lives,” noting that her administration’s “pro free-market policies helped bring in more than $20 billion in investment and created jobs in every county of the state.”

“Those jobs provide dignity and purpose. And as I often say, when you give a person a job, you take care of a family,” she continued.

Denouncing the Evils of Socialism

Nikki Haley also discussed her position as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, where she was “reminded that not every country enjoys the same freedom and prosperity as America,” as more than 1.5 billion people around the world are still suffering under socialism.

In the video, Haley uses an experience in 2018 as an example of this, describing the time she stood on the Simón Bolívar Bridge at the border of Venezuela and Colombia, witnessing thousands of Venezuelan citizens crossing the border into Colombia for the “only meal they might have that day,” due to the destruction of their country caused by socialism.

Due to this experience and many others, Haley asks viewers to imagine her “dismay to find that socialism has become trendy here in America.”

“American socialists claim they seek a more enlightened socialism, like the one found in Scandinavian countries,” she says, but these Scandinavian nations are actually just “capitalist and offer large welfare benefits.”

“The results are in. Socialism — however you want to define it — has failed everywhere it’s been tried. A handful of elites sitting in a government office can never outthink millions of business owners and consumers making millions of individual choices every moment of every day. You’d think we’d have gotten the message by now,” Haley stated.

The Only Solution

Despite Democrats’ calls for socialism, and their claims that “true socialism has never been tried,” it’s obvious that capitalism is the only system that has pulled millions of people out of poverty. Socialism will just make everyone equally poor and miserable, while the elites continue to be wealthy and powerful. No matter how much the Republicans compromise with the left to allow for more and more social programs and socialist policies, it will never be enough for them.

“The Left is never satisfied. So, let’s defend what works. And what works is capitalism,” Nikki Haley says.

“Until the unforeseeable shut down of the economy as a response to the coronavirus, it was working better than ever. Unemployment was at a 50-year low. Wages were rising at the fastest rate in a decade. More women and minorities were working than ever before. Poverty was at a record low in America,” she adds, before calling for the United States to “get back to that as quickly as possible.”

“There’s only one way to do it. Capitalism,” Haley asserts.

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