GOP Member Indicted

The GOP finally seems to be taking measures to purge their ranks of unwanted members, not just RINOs either. The moral degenerates must go. In Missouri, House Republicans kicked state lawmaker Tricia Derges out of their caucus so hard she bounced. She’s been indicted on some freaky charges.

GOP takes a stand

For far too long, the Republicans have been acting a lot like Democrats. In the state of Missouri they’re finally starting to take a GOP stand and are holding party members to the party’s principles.

Federal fraud charges filed against their elected representatives don’t make conservative citizens very happy voters. When there are actual free and fair elections, that is. After kicking it around behind closed doors on Monday, Derges was removed as “a member of the leading House caucus.”

Last week, House Speaker Rob Vescovo yanked each and every one of her committee assignments. She hasn’t been removed as a legislator but “her power as a legislator is now limited to introducing and voting on bills.”

The GOP is giving her the cold shoulder because a federal grand jury indicted Derges on fraud charges last week. She apparently likes to play doctor.

As alleged in the federal indictment, Derges was trying to cash in on the Covid-19 scare. The grand jury charged her with “falsely promoting a treatment she was selling at medical clinics as containing stem cells that could treat various diseases, including COVID-19.”

There were a whopping 20 counts in the charging documents that GOP big wigs in the state legislature were stunned to hear about.

Lying to the FBI

The only ones who can get away with lying to the Federal Bureau of Instigation are agents of the FBI. Anyone else is in for big trouble. The feds charged Tricia Derges of “making false statements to federal agents” investigating her case.

The 63-year-old representing the Nixa district for the GOP stands accused of “illegally providing prescription drugs to clients.”

After making her first appearance before the judge, her attorney was able to get released on her own recognizance after the GOP lawbreaker “pleaded not guilty to all the charges.”

Of course, she’s entitled to her day in court and everyone is innocent until proven guilty but in the court of public opinion, the jury has already reached a verdict. Americans are convinced that her constituents at home won’t be voting for her if we have elections again.

Last week the ranking GOP House Speaker Vescovo called on the disgraced politician to do the right thing and resign, before the taxpayers have to pay to drag her out.

Derges thinks her lawyers can do some magic and sent back an email. Her “innocence will prevail,” she typed, so she won’t step down. Since laws are what the Democrats say they are these days, she might be right.

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