ANOTHER Whistleblower Just Stepped Forward…This Time in Nevada

As voter fraud attacks the 2020 election, another whistleblower from the battleground state of Nevada has come forward with bombshell information.

Nevada Whistleblower Comes Forward

An affidavit signed from a Nevada whistleblower claims that election supervisors in Clark County counted all mail-in ballots even if there were discrepancies in signatures.

Clark county beings in the majority of votes for the whole state.


According to a partially redacted affidavit obtained by the Washington Examiner, the whistleblower has been working as a counting board member for the Nevada county since October.

The individual stopped working a ballot counter  on November 6 “due to concerns about how the votes were being counting [sic].”

Justice Department Takes the Case

The affidavit has been obtained by the Department of Justice.


“I personally witnessed disregard of signature verification as well as other irregularities,” the whistleblower said in the affidavit. “While working, I observed a significant number of signatures on mail-in ballots I believe did not match the name and should have been reviewed. When I asked the supervisors, [redacted] and others, about it, instead of taking the ballots to verify the signature in the electronic database, the supervisor told me to push the envelope through without verification.”

In August, lawmakers in the state changed the law in order to send every registered voter mail-in ballots. This created a mass chaos scenario where tons of ballots were subsequently sent to old addresses or deceased people.

Mail-In Ballots Create Election Chaos

A voter said that he or she no longer resided at the address listed on their ballot.

“This ballot should have been listed as a rejected ballot, but the supervisor instructed me to push the ballot through,” the affidavit said.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Last week, Republicans filed a lawsuit and forwarded a complaint to the Justice Department alleging that the county’s election official failed to maintain the county’s voter list sufficiently, resulting in 3,000 voters who had changed their address out of Nevada voting in this year’s general election. The Clark County elections office has said that some of those names include voters in the military who can legally cast a ballot while living temporarily out of state.

A federal judge on Friday blocked a Trump campaign attempt to invalidate the use of a machine that validated voter signatures on mail-in ballots.

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