GOP Insiders Reveal Their Plan to REMOVE Biden

In what’s starting to take shape as a “new and improved” Republican Party, GOP insiders are well aware what’s on the minds of their constituents. The big goal is Republican consolidation and retaking either the House, Senate or both in 2022. If that is accomplished you can bet that Joe Biden will face impeachment and Kamala Harris right behind him.

GOP and the new normal

Americans are still trying to come to grips with what appears to be a New World Order, wide open borders, one big happy planet, global government.

Yet, there is still a pesky thing called a Constitution that Democrats haven’t managed to flush down the toilet. Thanks to the Democrats, impeachment is the new political normal and the GOP is lining up to play the game.

As the House voted not just once but twice, Donald Trump was impeached. Also twice, the Senate refused to convict him on trumped up charges.

Everyone, even the ones on the GOP side of the aisle kept grumbling that “impeachments are bad because they are so divisive.” Get used to it. Liberal journalist Mark Leibovich went into gruesome detail in an article for the New York Times.

Leibovich is terrified of a Republican resurrection. If the GOP “regain control of either the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate in the 2022 midterms,” you can expect to see Biden impeached instantly. The writing has been on the wall a long, long time.

“In a broader sense, officials of both parties have suggested that regular impeachments may just become one of several regular features of a new and bitter normal in our politics,” he writes. “Previously rare or unthinkable measures could simply start happening all the time.”

Kamala Harris too

Senator Lindsay Graham is all set to impeach Kamala Harris for a tweet that she easily wiggled out of.

Even if he can’t get her for that, it signals the GOP will find something. Graham sat down with Faux News and said “I don’t know how Kamala Harris doesn’t get impeached if the Republicans take over the House.”

Harris was skating close to the line when she tweeted out her support for a Black Lives Matter bail fund in Minneapolis. “She actually bailed out rioters,” Graham exaggerated, but not much. Biden, on the other hand is sure to be a prime GOP target and Kamala may help to do him in so she can have his job.

Nobody forgot about Hunter Biden and his laptop. The one with all the email evidence about the family pay-for-play racket where Hunter collected cash from China, Russia, and Ukraine in exchange for meetings with his dad. He was bent out of shape and complained to his daughter about having to kick half the take back to his dad.

A retired GOP lawmaker from Florida, Tom Rooney, insists that Republicans are howling for blood. “The expectation from our base is for retribution,” Rooney warned. The deplorables are restless.

They don’t need a reason to impeach Biden. Filing charges of some kind is “absolutely possible. It might not necessarily be what some of those guys want to do, but it might be what the base expects. People want Armageddon.”

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