Fake Cop Gets Big Surprise By Pulling Over The Real Thing

This report from Michigan should serve as a warning for other would-be cop impostors. 18-year-old Christian Katan Mansoor picked the wrong woman to pull over with a fake set of red and blues. He was arrested for impersonating a police officer by the real one he pulled over. Local law enforcement wants to hear from anyone else Mansoor might have illegally harassed.

Impersonating a cop

Macomb Township, Michigan resident Christian Mansoor thought he had a great way of meeting women. He’d been “darting around in a silver BMW with flashing red and blue lights” acting like a cop.

He got busted by the real thing on Monday, April 3, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office reports. Right around 11 p.m., he picked the wrong victim.

That’s when “Mansoor allegedly pulled up behind an off-duty Waterford Township police officer in Rochester Hills.” He “was allegedly attempting to conduct a traffic stop.

She was already suspicious. The off duty cop watched him pass her in traffic and give her the eye. When he lit up the colors, she dutifully complied by the book, pulled over and was ready when he approached.

Mansoor quickly got rattled, realizing he’d lost his apparent edge in the encounter the second she started asking him the cop type questions. She didn’t ask what he pulled her over for, she demanded to know “what precinct he worked for and his identification.

As far as his station, the impostor claimed “the 12th precinct,” same as Barney Miller. Like an underage teen asked for ID at the liquor store, he gave the same lame excuse. “It’s in my car.” He acted as if about to retrieve it and took off instead.

Trailed to a trailer

As the fake cop predictably fled the scene, the off-duty officer followed along behind. Eventually he pulled into a trailer park in Shelby Township. Apparently, the junior detective had no clue he was being tailed.

The “victim” called for on-duty backup and as deputies arrived, Mansoor was in the process of switching the license plate with another BMW he also owned.

The police efficiently gave him some free cop training in the booking procedure and he got to meet the local judge. Prosecutors let him off easy with a single misdemeanor charge and he was released on $5,000 bond following arraignment.

The young man is really lucky he hadn’t attempted any funny business with the female officer he pulled over. If he’s not a serial killer and doesn’t have the potential to be one, the possibility he could have been one makes all law enforcement officers alert for impostors.

According to a spokesperson for the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, Michael Bouchard, “individuals that pose as police officers present a threat to the public and undermine legitimate law enforcement.” One fake cop is too many. “Thankfully, this individual was caught and is being held accountable for the incident.” Even though it’s only a misdemeanor charge.

Since “this may not have been the first time Mansoor impersonated an officer,” Bouchard “asked locals to contact the Oaklad County Sheriff’s Office if they were involved in a similar incident.

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