Former Texas Gov Breaks Silence

Former Texas Gov Breaks Silence

In an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, former Texas Governor Rick Perry discussed the dangers of following strict political ideologies when it comes to things like energy.

Perry, a Republican who served as the Secretary of Energy under President Trump, used the example of the current crisis in Texas surrounding green energy. At the moment, the state is experiencing below zero temperatures, which has led to rolling blackouts after several wind turbines have been rendered inoperable because they froze.

“So the point is, you need to have a diversity of energy sources no matter where you are. And [there] couldn’t be a greater example of that in the state of Texas right now. We got massive amount of wind farms out in West Texas, that are frozen up there just like a propeller on an airplane. They froze up last night, no wind out there. All of that wind energy was lost,” Perry told Tucker Carlson.


“It’s incredibly important to have a diverse, I think you had a number of things that lined up for the perfect storm, if you will. But the point is, that’s what those of us in government are supposed to do, we’re supposed to try to look over the horizon, see the things that are the challenges. Having a diverse base load of energy is incredibly important. We started taking coal plants off, we started taking nuclear plants off. And if this country is going to continue to grow is going to continue to have aced that it’s going to have to be competitive in the world, we’ve got to have an energy supply that is diverse, a baseload that, you know, when you call on it, it’s going to be there,” he continued.

“That means that fossil fuels have to be a part of that, we’ve got to use mean liquefied natural gas, I mean, natural gas is abundant in this country. We have stepped away from our nuclear energy compact fusion reactors, I’m telling you, we ought to be looking at all of the different ways to use fusion reactors. There’s some great progress being made in that field right now. And I don’t hear the current administration, I don’t hear the green New Deal talking about anything other than wind and solar. And those are fine. You can use them have them, have them out there. We certainly have that diversity in the state of Texas. But the point is, you better be thinking long term in this game. And there’s not enough people thinking long term,” Perry added.

Carlson also noted that there are “weak politicians influenced by ideologues who don’t know anything about the practical world and don’t care. They don’t care about the effects of their policies, and their view is theirs. This is a moral equation. Fossil fuels are evil. Alternatives to fossil fuels, except nuclear, are good. Therefore, we’re doing that no matter how many people freeze to death. And so why don’t we let people like that near the power grid is the question.”


Perry also discussed the fact that letting these Democrat ideologues have control over the energy sector of the United States could be deadly, as they seem to care more about their radical climate change agenda than the lives of the American people.

“And that’s the point, I think that that we really need to drive home from the standpoint of having a group of people who are so bent on their philosophy, that they don’t really care about your future, they don’t care about your lives in those cases. I mean, think about if we were in the AOC world, fast forward 10 years, and everything is solar, everything is wind,” Perry said. “And you have this type of event, this type of, I mean, it’s nine degrees in Round Top, Texas, we’re the same latitude as Houston, nine degrees. And if you don’t have power, you’re gonna, you’re gonna die. I mean, there are countless lives that could be lost with this type of reckless adhering to a philosophy that, quite frankly, is not scientific.”

“We heard them time after time, we got to stick to the science, we got to stick to the science in this last election. Well, the science tells us that if you have just wind and solar, it’s going to get awfully cold in the winter in places, and it’s going to get awfully hot in the summer. We’re using more energy in Texas today than we’ve used historically in the hottest time of the summer. Yep. You got to be planning ahead,” Perry concluded.


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