GOP Aide Mysteriously Dies

GOP Aide Mysteriously Dies

A campaign aide to Senator Kelly Loeffler, who is participating in one of two upcoming Senate run-off elections in Georgia, passed away on Friday.

Harrison Deal, the 20 year old campaign aide, died in a car crash in Georgia just before Loeffler’s campaign rally with Vice President Mike Pence was scheduled to take place.

According to a police spokeswoman, the campaign aide died in a car crash involving three vehicles on a Georgia interstate on Friday morning.


One Twitter user shared his suspicions in a thread, including a video of the accident from a local news outlet, writing that Harrison Deal’s “car exploded (witnesses heard the explosion over a mile away). Vehicle left as molten metal, engine block ejected 50-60 yards away. That’s not an accident. That’s a car bomb disguised as an accident.”


The details shared by the Twitter user have not been confirmed, but appear suspicious. A local police department also shared similar information about the car being on fire, and many comments from local residents confirmed the sounds of an explosion during the accident.

police post about accident killing campaign aide

comments from police post about accident killing campaign aide

GOP Condolences

Loeffler shared her condolences for Deal’s family in a post on Twitter, writing: “It is with an extremely heavy heart that we mourn the loss of Harrison Deal. My heart aches for his family, and Jeff and I will continue to surround them in love and prayer in the days ahead. Harrison was a beloved member of our campaign team.”

“More importantly, Harrison was a smart, bright, loving, loyal and outstanding young man. Harrison embodied the very best of this campaign – and the very best of our state,” she added in a subsequent tweet.

In her final tweet of the thread, Loeffler included a call for prayers for the family, writing: “We will forever cherish and honor Harrison’s memory, and I ask every Georgian to join us in praying for his family during this difficult time.”

Fox News reported that Deal was also a family friend of Governor Brian Kemp, and a former intern for Georgia Senator David Perdue.

After hearing the news of Deal’s passing, both Senator Loeffler and Governor Kemp chose not to attend the planned rally in Savannah with Vice President Pence.

“Today, we lost a member of our ‘Kemp Strong’ family and words cannot express how much Harrison Deals’ life, love and support meant to us. He was a person of deep faith, unmatched integrity, and incredible kindness. Harrison was the Kemp son and brother we never had,” Governor Kemp wrote in a statement posted to Twitter, including a photo of Deal with his family.

Senator Perdue also joined in expressing his grief in a series of posts on Twitter, writing: “Bonnie and I are devastated to learn of the passing of Harrison Deal, a young man from Bulloch County. Harrison interned in my Atlanta office in the summer of 2019, and was currently working as a field representative for Senator Loeffler’s campaign.”

In a subsequent tweet, Perdue also asked for prayers for the Deal family, including “his parents, Curt and Jenni Deal, and his sisters Hannah and Halli.”


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